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    Guardian Cub Removal: Allowing Buying Gold With Real Money, Not Good Idea After All

    So after more than 2 years, Blizzard has finally decided that allowing players to legally buy gold for real money was not a good idea, so the guardian cub is being removed. Well, why were Blizzard and the fanboys who defended them, so dense as to think that this was a good idea in the first place?

    WoW was originally about fairness. In 2008, Rob Pardo, who is Vice-President of Game Design at Blizzard, said: "We chose to go with the subscription-based model instead of that approach. We've taken the approach that we want players to feel like it's a level playing field once they're in WoW. Outside resources don't play into it -- no gold buying, etc. We take a hard line stance against it. What you get out of microtransactions is kind of the same thing and I think our player base would feel betrayed by it."

    Yet despite warnings from me, and many other players, that this would destroy fairness, Blizzard chose to allow people to buy gold for real money through the guardian cub, which in turn allows them to buy, for example, gems and heroic raid ilvl BoE gear.

    So where are these fanboys who defended the guardian cub now? Why aren't they raging against this change? Surely, given that they defended the guardian cub, removing the ability to effectively buy gold with real money is a travesty. Where is the outrage?

    Ironically, this comes after the recent removal of the D3 RMAH, another situation where I had repeatedly warned Blizzard that allowing people to buy items with real money would destroy the game. Again, they didn't listen then they did a epic flip-flop and removed the RMAH. Where were the fanboys who defended it, and were proved to be completely and utterly wrong? Well, I don't see them post in support of the RMAH anymore. Nor should they, because they should feel so ashamed of contributing and defending Blizzard's decision to add the RMAH and destroy the game, against basic logic, that they wouldn't dare speak of it again. The situation with the guardian cub is now the same.

    I quit WoW only because of the guardian cub. So will I be back now that it's removed? I'm not sure. Even as the guardian cub is being removed, in that time, Blizzard has added an option to buy level 90 characters with items. What is included and to what extend is this buying power? Opinions are appreciated.
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    This thread might have been a great thread to discuss this reversal if it wasn't for calling everyone who would disagree with you or had a different opinion a "fanboy". That simply invites defensive, hostile replies and doesn't help to contribute to any kind of constructive discussion.


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