View Poll Results: How much have you spent on Battle Pets and Mounts?

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  • < 10kg

    23 14.29%
  • 10 - 50kg

    26 16.15%
  • 50 - 200kg

    37 22.98%
  • 200kg - 1,000,000g

    44 27.33%
  • > 1,000,000g

    31 19.25%
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    Bought the Yak, so thats a solid 100k. Various drop pets I couldnt find if i can find them at a good price, and some of the carp pets. Maybe im a bit over 200k, but trying to keep the costs down, i prefer to get the pets myself.

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    A little over 1M.
    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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    around 100k gold, haha.

    some disgusting oozelings for resale, a deathcharger, vial of the sands, the STV parrot, some argent tournament pets & a sha pet.

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    Would guess around 200k.

    I would never even reach 5 mil cash in wow ever.

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    My wife buys pets and things like crazy, I think she's probably got most of the store mounts/pets and I remember her saying something like she spend around 800k this xpac on all the pets and mounts she wanted. Crazy

    Back in BC we sold ZA bear runs for 5k - that was a HUGE amount of gold then - now HC garrosh mounts are around 150k each.

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    When you consider inflation, a figure is kind of arbitrary. For example, in wrath I got 2 spectral tigers for gold cap (214k). So with that in mind, I spent in total 5 mil, but if I adjusted it for what it would be worth now, probably around the 7m mark.

    Also, to that guy ^
    I'm paying 450k on my realm, if you find an EU guild that can offer a price like that I would pay a hefty tip.
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    Voted 50-200k, but in hindsight I guess that was a very poor estimate. All the vendor prices for mounts and pets really start piling up. I'd be close to 200k on vendor prices alone, excluding the mounts with expensive crafting materials.

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    none, im not a sucker

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    I think I've spent around 500k.Gotta catch em all !

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    Spent 100 gold on my death adder. Loving it. Would never drop for me.

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