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    Mobmap broken/taken down?

    Hi everyone,

    While the ingame database is still useable, a lot of things like the quest tracker arent and are producing interface errors(thanks swatter btw).
    Neither the database nor the addon tool itself are able to reach the server and I cant find the development blog online any longer.

    Someone any idea what going on?

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    A google cached version of the front page seems to indicate the last update to the addon was september last year.
    It is tedious to have to copy and paste URL's in repeatedly to try and browse it, but I am seeing no immediate indication that development ceased other than a lack of updates after that period.
    However I think that is a distinct possibility given the length of time.

    Real pity, as I used to be a very regular user of their addon and was making contributions through the uploading.

    As for a quest database, you might want to take a look at a pair of addons - Wholly and Grail @Curse.
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    Thanks for the heads up, I'll take a look into you recommendations at least.

    But I still hope it will comeback, searching for an item, the coresponding merchant and his or her position in one go is a big boon afterall.

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