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    Norushen realm problem. 25m LFR.


    I have been having trouble when put into the test realm during the Norushen encounter. Once inside, my game freezes. It is pretty much an add-on problem and I wonder if anyone else have experienced this and located a possible offending add-on. Looking at the official forums suggest this also affected a number of people as well.

    I am using a collection of add-on, not many by most standard. Most are typical common add-ons. Grid, Bartender, Titan Panel, Altholic, GTFO, Ice HUD, MSBT to name a few. I don't have the full list. I have tried starting to isolate the add-on but with limited playtime, it is a rather slow process.

    The only add-on that might be unusual is Spartan UI. This primary arranges my UI in a certain way rather than manually moving them around. It is not really a raid related UI.


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    Get rid of SpartanUI tbh, that is so outdated and buggy. It's most likely the cause of problems.

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    SpartanUI is not the problem. Been using it for months with no issues that the OP is describing.

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    I had the same problem, and it was caused by grid. Replacing it almost broke my heart (it was with me for so long), but fixed the issue for me.

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    Same here. Replacing grid with Grid2 fixed it for me though.

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