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    Blue Tracker is 90% useless now.

    Anyone notice that the Blue Tracker is now filled with canned responses these days? Every now and then we get a nice infodump post like Bashioks, but most of the dev responses now come from Twitter.

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    They can say what they want (barring NDA) pretty much on twitter because it is their private account, on the forums they are being paid and have to act professional so they really can't call out the stupidity that is posted everyday and the safest way to say something is to have pre-made answers that are vague and easy to hand out when necessary. On their PERSONAL twitter accounts they can say what they really feel, without representing their company, because its their personal twitter :P Only thing that can stop them really is their contract with the company.

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    Idd, seems to just be bots yelling at people for necroing/making a forum about an existing topic now.
    Wish we could turn those blues off.

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    Afaik MMO-Champion staff is working on a filter for their blue tracker.

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    "Folks, please be mindful of the date on a thread and do not resurrect/bump it if it is fairly old. If you wish provide feedback on a topic or participate in a discussion create your own or find one that is recent. This thread will now be locked." - Every blue post - 2014.

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    blue post can only be as good as the threads out there.

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    Just copy Wowhead's tweet wall and put that in place of it, done.

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