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    What is the easiest class to play ?


    I'm looking to start playing WoW again and I'm too old for twitchy gameplay and complicated rotations (I'm looking at you feral druid savage roar management or priests shadow word:deathing cc).

    So what specs (either dps or healer) have it the easiest ? The easiest rotations, easiest cooldown management etc. The spec does not have to be op or represented in arenas.

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    Hunter or warrior
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    In case you receive mixed reactions, you can always check rotations on those classes you feel particular interest in and see for urself whether its "easy".

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    This thread's going to get closed pretty quickly.

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    For pvp you have to be twitchy, no matter the class you play. Sorry

    But i would say ele shaman for the ease of play if that mean anything in pvp.
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    I would say a ranged class so you dont have to focus so much on chasing.

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    Warrior (arms) is just too easy atm. Fury may be a little harder because it needs more reacting to procs and has a little more complicated rotation, still easy though.
    I love to play afflic lock because of the snapshotting mechanic, they will remove that in WoD which really makes me think the gameplay of afflic lock is going to be mindblowingly dull and boring.
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    Now tell me what is the ratio of DPS to healers? 1:18 right? I pulled these numbers out of my ass, but they’re probably very accurate.

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    Hunter. You can even watch tv at same time.

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    dps: frost mage, survival hunter, frost dk, ret pally
    heals: resto druid, disc priest
    tank: dk

    from my experience

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    The one you are most comfortable with.

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    Warrior hands down. If you absolutely want ranged I'd say mage, but that is arguable. Warrior however is not, there just is no simpler pvp class in the game right now.

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    I suggest simply taking the class you enjoy the most, you'll do a lot better playing a class you actually enjoy instead of something that's a bit easier but doesn't suit you.
    I'm closing this because pick my class threads are not allowed here.

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