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    Favorite Raid, Favorite Dungeon?

    The title says it all. Which is your favorite Raid and Dungeon? Give a brief explanation of why! Maybe someone will give you a good reason to re-visit some worthwhile old content.

    Favorite Raid - Karazhan - Because it's one of the only raids that feels to me like a real space that you can move around in and explore, instead of just a series of neat-looking but arbitrary big rooms with big bad guys. Loads of lore, excellent encounter design and diversity, and the most immersive raid zone, for my money's worth.

    Favorite Dungeon - Ahn'Kahet - The Old Kingdom - Because it's the most visually striking zone in the game for me. There's such depth to the space inside here; so many intriguing things out beyond your reach that make the Nerubian underworld feel like such a huge and mysterious place that you're barely scraping the surface of.
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    Couple different favorites for each section.

    Raid: SwP. The reason it's my favorite is wiping to M'uru countless times is enough nostalgia for me. The real reason is the entire raid felt right.
    Raid: Ulduar. Who doesn't love Ulduar (or Mimiron)? Everything from the lore to artwork to raid mechanics and hard modes. Plus Val'anyr is sexy.
    Raid: ZA. I liked the idea of "exploration in the jungle," even though that doesn't sound right.
    Raid: Naxxramas. Many memories in the old and new one. Healing Loatheb back in the original one was... interesting.

    Dungeon: Nexus. First going into the instance, the artwork and rune style looked amazing.
    Dungeon: DK & Gundrak. Both were great. Has a nice northern jungle feel.
    Dungeon: Forge of Souls. The dark metal/rustic looked is a favorite of mine.
    Dungeon: Utgarde Keep & Pinnacle. I'm a viking fan.

    There's plenty of other ones I like or dislike, but mostly because of memories.

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    I've only recently discovered that the new ZG is my favourite dungeon; on a new-ish alt (530 ish, pvp/pvpe cheapskate mix), the difficulty is just tuned so it's not a faceroll, but it's not impossible. There's little fun stuff like the master chef, there's the cauldrons, some nice loot, rare mounts.
    I think the beauty and depth was often ruined a bit in Cata by the initial difficulty, since I never managed to get into cata raids until LFR.
    Green! Funny gimmicks! Good difficulty! Mounts!
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    Karazhan or Ulduar.

    ICC as a close second.
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    raid: Throne of Thunder
    dungeon: i guess it is more of a set but i liked the LK set of dungeons that lead up to the ICC.

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    Throne of Thunder, just for Lei shen, I have no idea why I like him so much, he just seems awesome to me. As for dungeons? Utgarde keep and Utgarde Pinnacle, i love viking related stuff.
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    Dungeon: Blackfathom Deeps (Has been renewed on my list after seeing the update to come), Maraudon (specially at the waterfall), Shadowfang Keep.

    Raid: Karazhan, Ulduar and Throne of Thunder
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    Dungeon - Pit of Saron

    Raid - I've never raided
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    Karazhan is my favourite raid.

    It's very hard for me to pick a favourite five-man. Shadowfang Keep or Scarlet Monastery maybe? There are so many I'm fond of.

    Edit: Original Stratholme, dead side.
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    Favourite Raid: Throne of Thunder

    Favourite Dungeons: Pit of Saron, Forge of Souls, Well of Eternity, Vortex Pinnacle.

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    Favorite raid: Icecrown Citadel (Love the boss fights, the lore, Arthas and the Scourge in general, the atmosphere, the way the raid has been lay out where you have a lot to choose, having an epic ending, some of the most funniest bosses in WoW like Putricide and his ''children'')

    Favorite dungeon: Stratholme (The first 5 man dungeon that felt huge and a little scary, see'ing a huge human city burning while overrun with the undead)

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    Favorite dungeon - BRD (the older version that could take hours to run and frequently had people getting lost). I loved the dwarven theme it had and how huge/epic it felt. It was always fun to get in one of those groups that went out of the way and did a full completion of the instance.

    Favorite raid - Tie between Karazhan and Naxxramas (though I only did the level 80 version of Naxx in Wrath).

    Loved plenty of others, but those are the first ones that come to mind when I think of favorite dungeon/raid. I liked the dungeons that were ridiculously long and huge, especially the ones that had multiple wings like Dire Maul or Maraudon. I haven't been a big fan of the "rush through it and burn everything and be done in 10 minutes" thing when it comes to dungeons.
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    Favorite raid: Karazhan. It has a strikingly different atmosphere and layout, and bosses like the Chess event made it truly unique.

    Favorite dungeon: Blackrock Depths. I just love massive dungeons that takes a long time to explore.

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    Raid - Dragon soul.
    Dungeon - Vanilla Maraudon.

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    Here we go again

    Karazhan - Funniest ever, no needs to explain! My favorite overall raid!
    Ulduar - its the best for me from a artwork perspective! I love it!
    ICC - best of the best in terms of lore and immersion, imo. I really felt I was going through the domains of LK to go face him! It seemed like I was there in person lol

    Forge of Souls/Pit of Sauron/Halls of Reflection - these 3 fitted so well in lore, and it have very nice artwork too.
    Shattered Halls - invading an enemy fortress to reach its core and kill the enemy leader ... so fun! My favorite dungeon of all time!
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    Favorite Raid: Ulduar
    Favorite Dungeon: Well of Eternity

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    Raid : Sunwell
    Dung : Well Of Eternity

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