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    [Balance] When u know u can turn to 2nd breakpoint

    Why guys, i need a little help from you!

    Can someone tell me or show me when i know i can turn to 2nd haste breakpoint?

    I search in forum but i cant find anything!

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    You mean 10289? Back in the day the common consensus was when you could hit it, and still have more than 5k crit (unbuffed).

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    Yes, i mean 10289!!!

    So if i need to loose crit for haste do reach 2nd breakpoint will worth?

    Like for example change some gems with int e crit for haste and stuff like that?

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    ... i think the answer is yes. As long as you have at least ~5k crit rating afterwards.

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    ok tkz alot guys, i think this post will help many noobs like me xD

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