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    I've always played what I liked. If my guild suddenly didn't want my class, then I'd PUG or find another guild.

    Shadow Priests for the win.

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    The only "problem" with melee is that you'll have a lot of trouble running a full melee group, but you'll have no trouble running a full ranged group. There's nothing wrong with running 2-3 melee and 3 ranged. Even seen decent groups that only run with 2 ranged. We've been 3 melee/3 ranged for most of the expansion (our 3rd healer is a ret so we do go 2/3 sometimes).

    And for the hardest 3 fights of the tier (Seigecrafter/Paragons/Garrosh), you can easily run 3-4 melee and be fine.

    Unfortunately, most people still try to limit their groups to 2 melee max.

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    You'd have better luck applying in a 25 man guild (which will be in a better position for 20 mans when WoD finally gets here). The guild situation is volatile right now with lots of people scrambling to go 10 to 25, summer starting, and the end of expansion doldrums. We have two groups of melee + tanks. If a good rogue applied that was a good social fit, I'd take him.

    You can find me by my name if you are that serious.

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