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    Quote Originally Posted by asphyx5 View Post
    It's to late in the game to have a lifetime sub, now if it was vanilla or bc times then yes prehaps it's worth it.

    You can expect WoW to be around and be the dominate force in MMO's for another 15 years easy. despite what all the anti wow trolls say none of the wowkillers are getting it done so to speak. Locking in this huge saving would be very nice if it became available. Actually the savings are too big to even be considered a serious thing we would never see it this cheap if they decided to go with an offer on lifetime sub.

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    Only if they promised that the game would last x (more than 34 months) amount of time.

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    I would love to see the divorces caused by dumb husbands or wives dropping 500 bucks on a lifetime sub. Only to then have the jaded pissed off ex spouse fight for property rights to that account in the divorce.
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    Toss in those paid services for free and you've got yourself a deal.
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    For 500$ I definitely would. That's only 3 years of subscription.

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    10 years ago? Hell yes.

    Now? No way.
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    Not for $500.
    That alone is 33 months of full $15 sub fee.

    4-10 years ago I may have paid mabye a maximum of $300 for a lifetime sub, but after seeing how long blizzard is willing to go without releasing new content, Nope.
    I want a new raid every 6 months minimum.

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