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    Warlords of Draenor Alpha - Build 18379

    Check the front page for the latest notes!
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    GOGOGO Bring us more

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    Some changes on nagrand

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    I want to point out that mini map looks like a relatively completed overworld which to me is a great sign of where things are heading and how fast this alpha/beta test should ramp up!

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    Is t possible that they're bringing up the level 100 server for PvP already?

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    Why does it look like a google map?

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    Gruul Gameplay Achievement [NYI] was renamed The Iron Price. Game of throne referenses, gotta love it

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    Hang on a sec.

    Chain Lightning Hurls a lightning bolt at the enemy, dealing [ 28.65% [ 1 + 30.66% of Spell Power ] Nature damage and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Affects 3 total targets. Shaman - Elemental Spec. 30.5% of Base Mana. 30 yd range. 2 sec cast. 3 sec cooldown.
    Are they really putting the cooldown back on Chain Lightning?

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    So basically hibernate is now a completely worthless spell in pvp, that you might just delete from your action bar. Great.

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    Liking some of the Shaman clean up, I don't like that Enhancement loses Spiritwalker's Grace, but I do like that Elemental Blast seems to be instant cast for them.

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    I like how they changed the wording of the Black Harvest FoS from red text to green text. Seems appropriate.

    (Yes, I know that's the change control formatting.)

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    interesting change to Nitro Boosts . Looks like they don't backfire anymore.

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    Well, I'm glad that I went and finished up the lock quest then.. I'm not planning on buying WoD, and even if I eventually buy it my lock isn't high on the list of character I care about so I was thinking I'd just leave the quest until whenever since 90 is 90 is 90. Then I considered that maybe some of the 6.0 changes mess the whole thing up, making things worse for a bad lock and just did it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulfròst View Post
    Hang on a sec.

    Are they really putting the cooldown back on Chain Lightning?

    Redoculas AOE is redoculas!

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    liking the new secondary stat attunements, subtlety is going to be fun with a lot of multi strikes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andelormon View Post
    Redoculas AOE is redoculas!
    Compered to whu?? Well i dont know from whot nana planet ar you from but wariors Monks loks mages all of them can do much more AOE damage if played well ,Hell locks can do duble whot i do on my Shaman if they have nice procs.
    I realy hate trols on this website......
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    Nitro boosts share a cooldown with potions.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulfròst View Post
    Hang on a sec.

    Are they really putting the cooldown back on Chain Lightning?
    I dont think so , the old one have 3 sec CD as well , only Elemental have no CD on it.

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