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    How do you guys invite new members to your guild

    Hey guys!

    I've been playing wow since WotLK and since then I play with my real friends. When we started we decided to create a guild just for fun. We all unsubed at the begining of MoP due to work and college stuff, and now that we are back we wanted to expand our guild.
    The only problem is how can I invite new players without being annoying. I don't wanna use those stupis addons that spams guild invite to low lvl players.
    Also we're not the kind of guild that raid every week, we are really casual players that like to do dailies together and farm stuffs. Do you guys think this could be an obstacle to attract players to our guild?
    We do want to start rading but I don't want the new members to expect that we're going to do it every week.

    any advice?

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    Best bet as a casual guild is to advertise yourself as just that in trade, maybe send a whisper out to low level players (rather than just inviting them as you said). Most of the time advertisements you see in trade are for raid guilds, but there are a fair few players looking for just a casual place to hang out.

    One issue you might run into though is that when you play with a group of friends (whether irl, or simply people you have known a while) there are a lot of inside jokes, and a lot of new players to your guild may feel excluded. So if you DO get someone to join, make sure to try and include them. Rather than wait for them to pipe up and ask to join a run, ask them to come with you etc.

    I'm sure you already know that but figured I would give my two cents.

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    Thanks!! I'll try out that tonight!

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    We press the "Add Member" button and type in their name.

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    /ginvite "new member name"

    I had to do it

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    -Advertise in trade chat
    -Make recruitment threads on your realm forums, the guild recruitment forums, and on 3rd party site forums like mmo-champion, etc
    -Update your guild's Wowprogress.com info

    I understand your guild is casual but there are a lot of people looking for that type of experience.

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    There is a lot of difficulty in recruitment now. If you play an unguilded character you'll get bombarded with whispers and random guild invites and mods that just auto invite anyone who isn't guilded.

    I just wish they would remove the guild bonuses entirely. It's made guilds a requirement and not a bonus for being in one.

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    Meh, I use one of those addons, and they are so much better than advertising in trade chat hours on end. I play on a medium pop server, and in the hour that I spent trying to get new players, I got a whole two players.

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