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    If LFR was implemented for vanilla content onwards...

    What problems would groups face interms of trolling and mechanics etc?
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    Trolling and possibly mechanics would be even worse. People back at 2004/2005 were talking shit about how wow was casual already, and having LFR would make it the biggest troll frenzy ever done back then. Oh the trash packs and 40 people lol.

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    Modern LFR groups would probably find the content too easy kek.
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    The biggest problems groups would face is 5 hour queue times. Who gives a flying fuck about running LFR when you're trying to level?

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    Modern LFR groups would probably find the content too easy kek.
    Well when a large chunk of mechanics was based on use of CC and threat management with the later being made trivial and CC being gutted from LFR and the PVE game in general then add in the cases of mechanics designed around having certain classes would also get gutted because LFR, then sure the content would be made too easy.

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