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    5.4.8 Dps Spec

    Okay so I've been playing Rogues ever since Wotlk so I'm pretty good with every spec, it just i am starring to become more of a serious raider again and I would like to know the best spec over for Dps. Currently i am combat and i prefer it over assassination, but I've heard assass is better, then I've also heard combat is better. I would just like a overall breakdown of the two specs please and thank you

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    At higher gear score and with Assurance of Consequnce ( Sha Trinket) combat will pull ahead.
    Get this trinket as soon as possible and try to get your finger on the 4pc set bonus. Its quite nice as combat

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    When you're just starting to gear up, assassination has usually been the go-to spec lately. As Sinthoras already mentioned, combat will pull ahead though especially when you acquire Assurance of Consequence and obviously got the weapon(s) to support combat (meaning at least a non-dagger mainhand, obviously).

    Best of luck with gearing up so you can play combat as you seem to prefer it anyway. :-)
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    I have been running combat throughtout and seems to be the best

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