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    Pandaria for sure! I hate the quest pace and exp needed to level... it tooks forever to gain a level with quests. So I changed strategy and leveled my alts with BGs and some Dungeons... it took more time, but it was more fun!
    Other zones dont bother me coz I can cross it in few days with quests/bgs/dungeons. But pandaland is a pain >.<
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    I think it's just leveling in general. You get to a certain part and it just slows down completely. The flow is disrupted. I typically level through dungeons when i can, because questing is slow. You spend most your time just running from point A to B then back to A. All the zones in BC are like that.
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    I would suggest you play a different spec on your warlock. If you are affliction, try demonology or destruction vice verse. I know how you feel. I'm an altaholic. I have several level 90 characters. When i get bored with wow, i go play another game like diablo 3, or path of exile. then i usually get a craving to play wow again and pick up where i left off. If i had the extra money i would give elder scrolls online and wildstar a try. Wildstar looks really challenging. Wildstar looks like an rpg crossed with super mario in 3d.

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    For me it's the game itself. I lose interest because I level so fast. Even without heirlooms I outlevel the zone I'm in fairly quickly. I don't want to go from 1 to 60 in a week. I just wish I had a variable option on exp gain. If I could set my exp to be half that of normal I'd level that way. Cut exp in half and be able to quest in a zone, finish it get rewards and do dungeons and level crafting all within it's intended level range. It would take longer but I'd get a more balanced character with more emotional attachment.

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    45-58. I hate those levels.

    Thankfully, my (last) alt is now 48, so 10 more levels and I'll never have to look at them again.

    I usually try to keep 2-3 alts at the same general level range, and I cycle through working on them, and only level when they are full rested. Drop them down to no rest, then let them sit.

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    For some reason I've always had an awful time getting through level 30-40, the rest has always been a coast for me if I can manage to force my way through it but I don't believe there's a certain zone I can't stand to the point it kills the experience for me.
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    86/87 for me. Have a ton of alts sitting at those levels and I can't bring myself to level them up.

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    Not a zone... but my alt graveyard is the legendary cloak. They're LFR heroes, so once they have a cloak, I have almost no motivation to play them. I'd rather level a new alt.

    Yes, I have several characters in this position.

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    I can't express in words how much I hate leveling there. I breeze through Outland -- for one, I've always liked it, for two the dungeons are fun and make it go quickly. Northrend -- same thing. Slows down a little bit 80-85 but there are still enough dungeons to supplement leveling.

    Pandaria? No. I'd rather do anything than level there, and the starter dungeons are pretty dreadful as well.
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