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    I'm finding it very hard to believe that you have 717 days played.

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    Bait thread. 100% guarantee he'll be playing in Warlords.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexxs View Post
    so you think i can only love a spell, because its good? haha
    no, i really love entangling roots, and its also true that it sucks in pvp

    i never see someone dispell it anywhere cause its not even worth the dispell cd..

    you still cast spells you still attack, you still heal hmmm thats a really great cc isn´t it?
    It doesn't suck in pvp wait for a healer to dispel then root his dps for 8 second. Druids have Faerie fire as well. So rogues can't even use 2 of their defensive cds without a dispel and are stuck in the open. Where they can be cc'd again. Melee class like rogue, warriors, can't do shit in roots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrathblade View Post
    Biggest mistake is that druids don't have much button bloat to begin with.
    We have 3 castbars!
    Bear form attacks go on the bearform castbar, Same goes for catform.
    Caster form spells like moonfire and roots can go on the caster form bar and the few little spells like hurricane and tranq went on the extra action bar.

    In total i used 15 keybinds for my feral druid. and this included my attacks and Cd's.
    A better solution for druids would be having tabs for bear / cat / no form spells.
    so ppl can see what spells require or shift you to sad form.

    If blizzard doesn't revert these changes my druid won't be much more then a rogue to me, And a lackluster one to boot!
    I won't be able to CC in dunguons.
    My bearform will leave me with only 1 attack so it's more like a dmg reduction spell without CD but saccing my dmg instead.
    The days of switching to differend forms mid battle will be over, We can't tranq or OT or even innervate a healer anymore.
    Everything the take from the druid class feels like it's dumbing down the class and reducing the distance between a beginner and master of the druid class.

    To me Wod sounded great for druids.
    Gear would change depending on specs ( no more 3 armor sets in my bags! )
    Travel form 100% speed ( always wanted to have a mount speed outside of combat on travel form )
    Savage roar could be removed from the rotation entirely ( it beeing a bitch in PVP )

    Still i don't diagree with the ability pruning but blizzard is going way to far!
    having the utility as we have right now is what makes druids so awsome.
    Having a focus macro to cast healing touch on the tank could actually help your healers and a innervate feels like a godsend for the struggling healer.
    Soon i won't be able to helpout my guildies with innervate or tranq, Ill be no more then a dmg bot that feels like a rogue using bleeds yet lacking the spells the have.

    As it stands now druids won't be more then sub par rogues or warrior tanks.
    You do realize you can cast abilities such as roots, healing touch, hibernate, bear form, travel form whist in can form? So you need to have them bound whist in cat form.

    - Do you actually shift out of cat form to cast these abilities?

    - I have 33 abilities bound in cat form, how do you play with only 1/2 your abilities bound?

    - do you mouse click the other 1/2 of your abilities from your extra action bar?

    - Innervate a healer as feral? Is this a joke?

    - cc is not required in dungeons, this is a pvp discussion.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Blizzard is reducing all cc across all classes.

    Feral Druid cc:
    - pounce
    - maim
    - cyclone
    - roots
    - hibernate
    - mighty bash/ mass entanglement
    - typhoon/ mass entanglement

    Blizzard chose to remove roots and hibernate, imo these are the best choices out of this list.

    One can still talent mass roots. I'm fairly certain most feral Druids talent typhoon, (world of graphs shows typhoon at 90% in pvp). The removal of roots will make mass roots more attractive (blizzard likes balanced talents).

    If you disagree, which other cc's from this list would you rather lose instead of roots? (Don't say talents, blizz won't cull them).

    I guess you could argue that feral should only lose 1 cc ability, in which case I'd defiantly support keeping roots in favor of ditching hibernate.
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