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    Moonkin Playstyle

    Hey there! So I'm thinking of different classes I might like to play in MoP and I'm just curious what the moonkin playstyle is like? Is it just hardcasting wrath/starfire depending on where you're at on the solar/lunar bar and maintaining dots? How's movement and how is their scaling / are there any indications of scaling changes in WoD? I would imagine multistrike being a high priority stat given the class seems like more of a nuking class rather than DoT class with fillers to buff them but I might be wrong. What class is moonkin alike to in playstyle as well if any? Thanks!

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    PvP? PvE?

    I can't speak for PvE, but for PvP I can. Moonfine/Sunfire spam, VERY depending on Shooting Stars to proc, due to not being able to cast anyting else because of the long cast time. Otherwise we don't get any pressure or damage out. Our DoT's are really, really weak compared to other DoT classes and even melee classes abilities like warrior bleeds. Probably the weakest in the game, which I find really weird due to us being a DoT class. We are also depending a lot on having cd's available when we want to land a kill. No cd's, no party. However, we compensate our weak damage output by being the best off-healing class/specc in the game. We have GREAT mobility (Which is why I mainly play moonkin), and one of the best cc in the game.

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    If you want to get a feel for the playstyle you're probably a lot better off watching a video or stream than asking someone to write the rotation out for you

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    In high pve gear moonkin rotation degrades into keeping DoTs up and spamming starsurge because you will get many many procs and occasionnaly rotating wrath/moonfire when ur not getting procs. Anyways moonkin is getting completely revamped in WoD and looks like a much more fun class come 6.0

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    Not as exciting as a fire mage but more fun than a frost mage. Hard to describe but sorta a blend of the two.

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    Whatever key you have bound to starsurge will break from mashing it constantly. Well, right now anyway. Completely different in WoD.

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    PvE wise the best class I can describe it to is probably elemental shaman, keep your dots up, use your instant cast/heavy nuke spell (lava burst/starsurge) and in between use whichever filler is best at the time.

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