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    careful with such statements.....
    there's quite a significant sized amount of people here, that wouldn't or outright cannot understand that concept.
    But I'm with you on this... I'd say if one doesn't have more than 40 bucks to live for one week, the last thing they should spend their money on is online games that cost subscription fees, even the costs for internet service might appear questionable.
    Then he or she has better things to do then playing games! period.

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    Don't go after the art guys for this sort of stuff. Go after the marketing folks. They're the ones pushing these little monetization initiatives.

    The art guys just do what they're told -- and there's a lot of overhead above them (managers, C level staff, who is beholden to shareholders and the board, etc., etc.).

    Any devs that come out and say "X is going to cost you a raid tier" is putting their foot in their mouth, though. I can't say they don't deserve a flaming for that. Safer response is: "we can look into it, but we only have so much bandwidth".

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