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    There is the link to my rogue what do I need to reforge. I am clueless when it comes to this.

    Thanks for the help!
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    2,737 should provide you with the tools you're looking for, for PvE. For PvP, I think the consensus was mastery for the increased finisher burst, but please don't quote me.

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    oh lol ignore what i just typed...still sleepy...

    but ye you could just check the ladders and see how some of the top rated players reforge. Overall its crit and mastery(tho in the end ull reforge more mastey than crit).
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    Try to use Shadowcraft. -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falx View Post
    Try to use Shadowcraft. -
    im not quite sure shadowcraft is reliable for pvp reforge...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wangsta View Post
    im not quite sure shadowcraft is reliable for pvp reforge...
    Oh, I am in a PvE world

    The answer is easy if you are talking about PvP. Reach your caps for hit and expertise (3%). Other than that, it is Mastery prio because of your finishers. After that Crit > Haste.
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    Or download the addon Reforge Lite, there is a pvp preset, maybe it will help you ;-)

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    1. Download ReforgeLite, reforge according to it.
    2. Go to - , set filter to Sub rogues choose one of the top rogues and copy his reforges.
    3. For the love of God replace the HP increase trinket with Agi proc one

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