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    So, I've gone about 24 KBs in a row, without a single Bloody Coin, and only one coin the entire night of farming AV. Are we sure they "dramatically increased" the drop rate via the Oath, or did they break it instead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuhok View Post
    I think the way it will work is that if you're in an area that has no flying, you'll go into travel form. If you are in an area that you can fly in, you'll go flight form. And if you're swimming, you'll go aquatic form. So all three forms can be used, just will depend on where you are. If you're in MoP lands but don't have the MoP flying, you'll go travel form. Once you get the flying there, you'll be able to go flight form. And with WoD having no flying, you'll be travel forming it most times

    At least, that's how I think it will work.
    Hmmm, I actually do wonder how will Blizz address changing into flying form. I do hope it would NOT work as you suggested for flying, because that would mean I would need to click twice If I wanted to change into travel form.

    Many Druids (and also me) just instinctively jump and change into flying form. I do hope that sequence become the norm to change into flying where player is allowed to.

    Jump + Travel form > Flying form

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maleficents View Post
    Warlords of Draenor has been removed.
    ^This! lmao

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    Stop worrying and scurrying around so much blizzdevs. You have convinced me and a ton of other players WoD is not worth a tenner long ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    hc dungeons were supposed to be alternative way of gearing up for good players who want to skip lfr - well guess what blizzard is still forcing people to do this aviable for eveyrone content cause they know that retards and idiots in lfr wont be able to clear it without being carried
    Your tears. So delicious.

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    can someone clarify if Stormstrike is going to increase the critical strike chance of frostshock instead of earthshock being that we can no longer use that ability as enhancement shamans?

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    A few months ago Blizzard stated that healing was apparently 'boring' and that they wanted to address this, so i'm confused as to what part of removing abilities and cool little mechanics like borrowed time but adding 5% passive buffs and keeping passive skills such as devine aegis is less boring? Just to clarify for all the disc priest haters out there i'm not moaning about spirit shell, I don't care if Blizzard removes abilities because they believe it affects the game negatively, but to remove core mechanics for a class that make you think and simply add 1 spam aoe heal... how is that improving a healing class? or making the class less 'boring'? I realise it's alpha and things can change but atm all the changes have been to simplify gameplay and dumbing down heroic end game content. This expansion is going to be a joke.

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