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    Quote Originally Posted by SkagenRora View Post
    Death Knight -> Death Lord
    Druid -> Archdruid
    Hunter -> Beastmaster
    Mage -> Archmage
    Monk -> Grand Master
    Paladin -> Templar/Judicator/Vindicator
    Priest -> Confessor
    Rogue -> Assassin
    Shaman -> Far Seer
    Warlock -> High Warlock....?
    Warrior -> Warmonger/Berserker

    Yes please would love that
    Made a few tweaks for ya.
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    Blizz originally said their goal with WoW was to hit level 150. I think until then, it will just go forward as is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyndZero View Post
    Blizz originally said their goal with WoW was to hit level 150. I think until then, it will just go forward as is.
    I've never seen such a thing said, anywhere. Got a source on that?

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    Next expansion is a troll expansion, "Ben'vol'jin Button", featuring a revolutionary 100-1 leveling experience.

    Can't divulge my sources though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beardedcandy View Post
    just end the leveling at 100 already. it's a pointless chore that sucks so much dev time. add more raids, add more gear.
    This is how in feel. I just want new raids maybe a small chain quest explaining why but I don't care to level in a game I've done it over and over for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mall Security View Post
    I am really curious what the level 100 is going to look like in the screen shots or how they fit it all in there, weird but I am curious

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    Not a bad idea, I'm surprised Blizzard haven't done this. Upgrading a class from normal too prestige. The word prestige alone would get in a lot of CoD kids :P

    On a side note the upgrade of hunter>beastmaster just doesn't fit as we have a spec called Beast Mastery :P

    We should go from Hunter>Master Huntard xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sj View Post

    HAHA that is very cool, thanks!

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    taken from ragnarok online :/

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    lotro and everquest 2 will also have level 100 chars this fall and after that level 105 or 110 etccc

    did you know that maximul level for Asheron's call 1 is 275 ? there is no limit if there is still a community for a mmo

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    Quote Originally Posted by treecut View Post
    Having level 110, or level 120 and so on, seems rather clumsy. A level 124 Shaman? That doesn't sound so great me and it's a very high number for a character level in a game...
    Level numbers have never bothered me personally, but I can understand why some (or many) are not really fond of high (100+) level numbers.
    That upgrading sounds like a pretty cool idea though!

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    Next will be level 200. It will be introduced with the brand-new feature World Difficulty! The most content ever in any game or expansion ever released - the entirety of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor will be yours to explore once again, fighting first Heroic and then Mythic-level mobs, quests, and dungeons as you get to experience the most popular MMO of all time at new and more challenging difficulty levels! What if you don't want to battle all of Azeroth again? No problem! Once you've purchased access to Heroic and Mythic World Difficulty, you can then boost your character straight to level 200 for the low price of only $95. (Blizzard considered allowing boosts to 200 for less, but didn't want to see bots and griefers abusing the system - that $95 charge is there to improve your game experience!)
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