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    So with this new Test of Faith nerf, I'm assuming it means that it will no longer proc from dealing damage to a low level enemy which makes this talent totally useless for disc as it is for holy except in very specific mechanic related encounters. Even if it does proc from dealing damage, it still a nerf because Atonement wont be recieving the extra juice from Smite dealing more damage. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I hope this means they are getting closer to scrappi g that talent for healing priests. I don't see a si gle reason why I would pick it over the other two.

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    Just make ToF baseline for all 3 specs and put another talent there, none will pick it with this change which the only reason it was made for is to stop ppl from unequipping then requipping gear right before pull to get 15% boost on opener.

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    I've done some testing and people fall below 35% more than I had imagined (or maybe just tuning problems). We also get 10% dmg bump from focused will so it's not a huge nerf anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overdispersion View Post
    We also get 10% dmg bump from focused will
    Since Twist of Fate comes from allies for the healing priests (we don't get Focused Will Perk effect everytime Twist of Fate proccs) and from enemies for shadow, this talent should be called Focused Will because it improves the very role (even though it is a full boost, damage and healing, the intention is sanctified (nice word, huh?) since this build) of the player (and because of this because, alongside the fact that a fleeing player should not be able to cast even if this player is a shaman, in this future build justice is being done. Twist of Fate should be the name of the Focused Will Perk for example. Anyways, maybe it is psychological alone but some lore synergy occurs between Twist of Fate, Angelic Bullwark (shines) and Focused Will + Perk and Twist of Fate and Shadow Word: Death.

    It is room for improvements and I think we should not cover in ashes while playing Discipline in July. Ideas for Discipline: Atonement heal as the trigger for Twist of Fate, Angelic Bullwark improvement as Discipline, maybe it should scale with Mastery or whatever.. Anyways, I guess you guys have way better spontaneous ideas and is not like some minor self only talent will fix a entire spec.

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    And it sounds closer to reality with a double L, instead of writting boulsheet, straightly. As of now we don't even know the number id of this build / no datamining, etc, maybe - end of the week like always? along with the hint= renew+serenity+duration repair..

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    It kinda eliminates the idea of having a Holy Priest go DPS if needed in Chastise Chakra because there are no damage talents to take to improve it any more. Or to help with leveling/soloing where a healing Priest does nothing but DPS and not heal and ToF was always the best way to finish mobs off quicker.

    Have you noticed how the new Talent system that unifies talents and removes the separate talents per spec of old is already turning back into separate talents per spec again. You can't even see what some talents are unless you respec. It will eventually get to the point where they will have to show each talent in 3 different columns, Discipline, Holy, Shadow so you can even see what the talents are because they are so unique to each spec. Call them talent "trees".

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    Holy Priest is a social spec. Don't play it alone. The cheapest heal Holy Priest has is Binding Heal.

    In the same words, Holy Priest should not solo. Getting Twist of Fate when people are annoying (pronounced the way Darkener pronounces it in one if his beta mists video, (I think it was the one about Cascade in Warsong Gulch)) you and your friends is what makes a priest, one of if not the - support class(es).

    Maybe we should forget what it was in the past and see actual value in things like Angelic Bulwark or Twist of Fate as a boost in serious states of trouble, since Focused Will triggers from any damage and not anymore when people get serious, focusing a Holy Priest. Saving Grace, Clarity of Purpose, Angelic Bulwark,Twist of Fate and Guardian Spirit all come into help and maybe, since we call the game WoD, maybe we won't play like a bunch of lunatic keyboard killers, won't see the hp bars fluctuating at mists speed, won't need 25 seconds stance cycling reduction on gear but find 10 seconds plenty of time to even switch to the red one at a later time, when we go offensive. Guardian Spirit saves our arses and we start focusing the fleeing enemy, with a Shadow Word: Pain on his head, while channeling Mind Sear that, by the way, works through pillars and everything without breaking if the distance increases, and praying @ the goddesss of multistrike..

    Weird that people didn't qq this much when they took out the damage component of Power Infusion. That was an oh shit button. Some people see it as working just with flash heals and prayers of healing, but it was good also with smites. Twist of Fate isn't that bad for Holy. Look at the synergy it has with the other spells we have. I think it was quite wrong to get the buff for damaging some adds/stealing kills in other games, bad influence on people as gamers in general not as wow-ists and here kicks in even more phylosophy, why to support by dealing damage to low health targets when your role should be broader as a healing priest. Discipline was low on damage anyway and they had plans with unique talents that forces playstyle, for Discipline anyways since Spirit Shell is a lvl75 one..

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    Shoudn't Twist of Fate stay on the Spirit of Redemption form if a Holy Priest is interrupted from fulfilling his role?

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    If we were still having Shadow Word: Death or if Holy Fire and Power Word: Solace were made to deal more damage to low health targets through the self damaging glyph or whatever, the point is the same, then yes, it was an obvious injustice to have this change to Twist of Fate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsparowe View Post
    I suppose to differentiate disc and holy. It would be odd to have different spell power modifiers for the same spell 'under the hoot'. A new player might wonder 'why does x spell heal for more in y spec?'.
    They do that anyway, since now they hide those effects as they are supposedly "clutter" (remember, clutter is when your spell-leaflet has more than one page per spec)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floopa View Post
    you're actually whining that they made a QoL change for the better

    We disagree with the "for the better" part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noradin View Post
    (remember, clutter is when your spell-leaflet has more than one page per spec)
    Best comment.

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    Clutter is when the spell tooltip is less than 1 paragraph...

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    disc babies gonna cry when they're forced to play holy at the start of wod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pulchritudinous View Post
    disc babies gonna cry when they're forced to play holy at the start of wod.
    Thank you for that insightful and constructive tidbit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atonement View Post
    Thank you for that insightful and constructive tidbit
    It was really quite eloquent for a child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larynx View Post
    It was really quite eloquent for a child.

    And just to clarity, as a 'disc baby' myself, I'm already crying and wod is still in beta. But my concerns have shifted from disc to healing in general. The more I look into it, the more grim it appears, with many on the bnet beta forums saying healing in the WoD beta is more stressful and less fun than even the start of cata. There are of course the egotists who gloat that they love it and its 'ez' for good players like themselves (when playing their OP holy priest) etc etc, but the majority consensus was that for all non hardcore players it will be stressful and will most likely cause them to reroll out of healing.

    Blizzard is like a dog that doesn't know which stick to chase, so it runs partway from one to another, never actually reaching any. The sticks it's chasing would be PvP, PvE, Hardcore and Casual.

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    During the Beta raid test of Twin Ogron I switched between Disc and Holy(healing with Druid and Shaman 15man).

    As Disc even if I whored away with Sprit Shell and burned all my mana on PW:S I couldn't beat the tanks on the healing meters(throughput). Worst was at the pull when I SS the 3 groups and beaten by the off-healing rain from my brothers Enh Shaman...

    Switched to Holy and mindlessly blanketed with Renews and was on par with the Druid and Shaman and hardly cost me any mana at all :/

    PW:S doesn't break damage as much as it used to... it hardly last long enough for the first bolt of Penance to hit the target

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atonement View Post
    Blizzard is like a dog that doesn't know which stick to chase, so it runs partway from one to another, never actually reaching any. The sticks it's chasing would be PvP, PvE, Hardcore and Casual.
    It seems to work in pairs, and it looks like we're swinging back to plucking money from the Hardcore/PVP tree this time out.

    You left out mentioning the console market, where we're slowly removing the three main barriers to a complete 'port....

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