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    [Feral] WoD Alpha Gameplay

    Post any of your feral videos here from WoD Alpha.

    Ill start, here is a video I made from Bloodmaul Slag Mines, pretty decent dungeons to be honest, remeber this is a normal dungeon, and a lot of things are still bugged. Plus we had 3 druids which could just spam anything they wanted due to a clearcasting bug.
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    Thanks Moosie! Been waiting for this. We really need more feral alpha players posting videos. I've seen some indepth ones discussing changes and showing how they work out in the world from mages, etc.
    Hope we can get more Feral action in here.

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    Thanks for the video, looking forward to watching when I get home. Hopefully we will see more feral Alpha streamers soon, the only one I am aware of at the moment is Sodapoppin and he hasn't really had time to stream Alpha yet.

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    I was sad when I saw the chat log at 10:52

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    Only thing I have bothered to upload was the new Thrash animation. Going to upload a video of the new SI animation within the hour:

    New Thrash Animation

    New Survival Instincts animation
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    Nice. Thanks, K man.

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    Im desperate to see the state of feral in pve. I want to stay the single target king!

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