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    It's nice to have but not needed anymore nowadays.
    My first cloak was on a tank, and I would agree it really wasn't needed. The extra death-prevention is definitely nice, but it's so uncontrollable that I wouldn't merit it needed. I haven't gotten a Healer cloak, but I would probably say that same about it. It definitely is more useful than the tanking one for heroic bosses where extra healing is always welcome.

    As far as the DPS cloak, it's absolutely needed for progression, if you're still progressing. The meta and the cloak are HUGE dps increases, you simply will not compete without one. I just recently changed my main from Prot Warrior to Hunter and I joined a guild where most had cloaks, and I was still on the Valor part. I came un undergeared as well, but after a few weeks I was right on par, gear wise, but was still only on Runestones. The Meta jumped by DPS by a bunch, and once I got the Cloak itself I was #1 or 2 most fights. Moar dps = quicker boss fights = win.

    Obviously if you're just doing LFR/Flex you don't care about progression anyway, so it's not needed there for sure. (Unless you are super competitive and always want to top charts)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotmia View Post
    Good luck with that
    I also got all 10 wisdoms and powers in this weeks lockout -without doing any of tot lfr - got my last one first boss of terrace - dropped group got sha quest and requeued for sha kill , plus defeated the sha and did imcoming and went all the way to exalted with the black price . all MSV heart of fear and terrace runs took a maximum of 30 minutes ( the two MSVs were well under )

    Unfortunately I was already valour capped so I have three lockouts to wait for that part , which should be the longest part.

    The best place for BP rep I found is on isle of thunder -the place were the NPCs are killing the animated warriors --55 rep each kill fast respawn . from 0 to exalted in 3 hours with three lfr runs thrown in the middle of that .

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    Quote Originally Posted by lebowsk View Post
    Actually I did that yesterday on my alt tank, and I spend over 2 hours in queue on a friday evening.
    Seriously -- 31 min was my longest queue in the eight I did on a Friday daytime

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