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    Bartender4 - Stance Configuration Issue

    Hi everyone, I've been checking some post first to avoid asking something that would've already been resolved but I hasn't find anything so there I go:

    I'm using bartender4 and it's giving me some hard time with my Druid alt, when i switch to bear or cat it does show the "Page" that it should but the point is that it's not the page that it's actually working I mean when I shape into cat and try to use my skills with keybinds it won't work unless i shift+up/down till the page where my skills are.

    So well I get to the page where my cat skills are so everythings goes smooth till i switch to my bear form, then I'll see the Page with my bear skills but the keybinds will be pointing to my cat skills unless i shift+up/down to my bear skills.

    So I wonder, is there a way that I won't need to shift+up/down and bartender4 do it automatically?

    Somehow seems like it's just working right with one state T_T.

    Any help would be apreciated.

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    I had a similar problem a while back and discovered that I had the same ability bar paged to multiple stances/specs, so when the bar changed automatically when changing spec/stance it changed the keybinding too. I think I fixed it by using a different bar for each spec or stance (I think theres 9 or 10 in total). BT keybinding feature isnt the best, and to be fair it isnt what it designed for.

    Alternatively use Clique to bind abilities to keybinds, not just action bar positions.

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    I've keep checking it and seems that as long as you only use the stance paging with just one bar it works fine (I was using 2 bars with this kind of paging when I got that problem).

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    I haven't used stance configuration personally, however, just playing around with it on my warlock, it looks like it only swaps the bar of abilities and not the keybinds.

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