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    Blood Plague tracking ElvUI [Solved]

    I recently had my pc crash and had to start completely over.

    I reinstalled Elvui but now on my dk when I throw dots up, it only is showing frost fever and not blood plague. Weakened blows shows after using Plague strike, but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to get both the diseases to show as a icon above the unit frame.

    Before my pc died it was like that.

    I wish I had a backup : of my old setup

    PS: BP will show on the nameplate but not the target frame which is where i need it.

    EDIT: Added screenshot to show what i mean.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I made a post over on tukuis forums and received a response from their mod that fixed it.

    If others have issues with auras showing heres the solution they provided:

    You have most likely blacklisted the aura by accident. Shift+rightclicking an aura icon adds the aura to the blacklist filter.
    /ec -> Filters -> Choose "Blacklist" -> Remove Spell "Blood Plague" without quotes (or choose Blood Plague from dropdown and untick enable).
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