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    Norushen-Test of Confidence

    Hello Pallies, do any of you have any tips for prot pallies in the test of confidence? one of our raid tanks is getting destroyed every time. I do not know anything about that test really other than what little I can read (many non helpful posts and dungeon journal) the burst and piercing are whats doing it. Do you switch seals? spam flash of light? what cd's do you guys use to survive those 2 attacks?

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    Burst of Corruption - Absorb or Heal.
    Piercing Corruption - Block or Dodge.
    Hurl Corruption - Interrupt or Reflect.
    Titanic Smash - Move.

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    TBH i cannot fathom how a prot paladin can die there inside. What's killing him?

    Is he using Eternal Flame? A 5 bastion flame should top him and leave a healing dot that overheals every single damage source there.

    Got logs? Armory?

    I use to eat everything on purpose just for the vengeance...

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    I have no logs, armory is
    he says the burst and piercing are whats doing it so seems to be a mismanagement of cd's to me. Would the best mitigation be to divine prot the burst and use shield of the righteous as he cast piercing? and the little dot is ticking away constantly.... the piercing seems to be his biggest threat, the damned thing gibs him.

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    The only thing to be catious about is the cast that can be interrupted, just save the rebuke for that one, every thing else is not really important.

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    I don't even interrupt the cast I just let it hit me to get more vengeance to kill it faster. Just DP the first cast and it only does like 450k. If you die with SoI and EF on you then you are either like 530ilvl doing heroic or aren't in melee range. You should safely be able to stand in everything and not interrupt anything in that room as a paladin playing halfway decent.

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    He's using actual tanking gear with really bad gemming, he's got under 8k haste as a prot pally, I would say it might simply be a l2p issue that's causing the deaths.

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    I believe he's using askmrrobot for gemming/reforging. tanking gear is no longer good? Sorry if I'm out of date on that I haven't been a raid tank for this xpac. On all but my monk and dk I have switched to reforgelite and have found the results optimal.... paladin is the only class I don't have so I really appreciate this feedback from you guys.

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    Regardless of whether his gear is AN issue, it is not THE issue here. Norushen's tests are not about gear, they're about play. He's playing wrong. It's a simple check that you can correctly use your core tank abilities - so he's not correctly mitigating and self-healing.

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    It's almost certain that he's A) Not interrupting the bolt, or B) not using a CD on the sha blast that's unavoidable. He should be specced into Unrbreakable Spirit, so Divine Protection should be up every time (Unglyphed, it's magic damage). Gear choices aside, if he's moving out of titanic smash, using active mitigation correctly for piercing and interrupting/using a CD, he shouldn't be dying unless he's just grossly undergeared.
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    Titanic Smash: move aside.
    Hurl Corruption: interrupt with Rebuke.
    Burst of Corruption: Divine Protection (not absolutely necessary, but with the talent Unbreakable Spirit he can use the CD for every burst. Also don't use the glyph.).
    Piercing Corruption: Shield of the Righteous (not absolutely necessary).

    Hurl corruption does the most damage, by far. He's probably not interrupting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myunihausen View Post
    I believe he's using askmrrobot for gemming/reforging. tanking gear is no longer good?
    The recommendations of AMR are pretty good. Sockets and enchantments are not the problem here. The items themselves are the problem. He should try to collect especially items with haste and mastery. It makes things much easier for him. His shield of the righteous and his eternal flame directly depend on the resource generation, which is way better with more haste.
    parry and dodge on the other hand are relatively bad stats for a protection paladin.

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    If he is using AMR he needs to play with the stat weights a bit. He shouldn't be gemming stamina to get a strength socket bonus.

    Blue sockets: Hit/Haste Wild Jade if you need the hit rating for some reason, or ignore the socket bonus and shove 320 Haste in there.
    Red sockets: Haste/Expertise if you need expertise, or ignore the socket bonus and shove 320 haste in it.
    Yellow/prismatic sockets: 320 haste.

    Gear with dodge or parry (and especially gear with dodge and parry) should be avoided whenever possible. The only unavoidable (no pun intended) item with parry rating on it is the tier helmet, which has parry and haste rating, and the leg enchant has something like 200 dodge rating. He should be looking for items with haste and mastery, with some hit and expertise thrown in as appropriate. Crit is also an acceptable stat; while its defensive benefit is questionable, in my opinion its offensive benefit outweighs any contribution that dodge and parry my give.

    As for handling the test, that has been covered extensively by the other posters in this thread, I'm not going to bother copy/pasting what they said. All I will say to that is that you can stand in the Titanic Smash if you have ShoR up and not die.
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    Hey wait a sec, tanks need to use cds on this test???

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    The way i do it is startin on boss to gain some vengeance, then tank swap and me go in the test. Open all offensive cd (AW and HA in my case), getting asap a 5 stack bastion EF and procede to nuke the mini boss. usually killin' him in 30-35 sec. interrupt on cd and avoidin aoe cone of damage.

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    The only thing that should have a hope of killing you is not interrupting the cast.

    Standing in the other shit has no consequences if you aren't afk or brain dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serani View Post
    He's using actual tanking gear with really bad gemming, he's got under 8k haste as a prot pally, I would say it might simply be a l2p issue that's causing the deaths.
    You are self-contradicting, good sir.

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    I see what you've done there. Well played.

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    Maybe it's because I outgear it so much, but as long as he gets the interupt and doges the titanic smash, then it's pretty easy to survive. Is he using seal of insight? That will help with the healing he'd need. I might be wrong, but I think the dot is only caused if he's hit by something he should be able to dodge.

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    As people are pointing out when it comes to gems and gear anything with Dodge, Parry and/or Strength are generally wasted stats for a Prot Paladin. Your stat priorities are pretty similar to Retribution's main stats aside from what level of Expertise you chase.

    In terms of defense:

    15% Expertise = 7.5% Hit > 50% Haste > Mastery > Parry/Dodge > Crit > excess Haste. Hit and Expertise

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