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    Question Temple of Kotmogu Bug/Exploit

    Today i went a couple of bgs, the first one was ToK. When we started we met scrubs and basically 0/1600 them, then this wierd thing appeared, we couldn't win? the counter never stopped! we hitted 12000 points before the bg was ended and we was victorius

    can someone explain why we needed to honor farm them for almost 2 straight hours to win? the point counter never stopped so ^^
    Thanks for reading

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    if you someone take the orbs and walk into the back of the starting room such thing is occur sometimes

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    btw have they fixed the Warrior intervene bug that lets u inside the walls?

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    This happened to me once. Our counter went to 2400 or so before we finally won. It was a random team and i was surprised nobody was commenting on it as they were all still fgighting on but once i mentioned it in chat, other human players confirmed the same bug.

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