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    Never really understood the "s/he belongs to X ergo all X is like it". No matter how much obnoxious s/he is s/he is still representing only himself unless someone else comes along to confirm his reperesentation of somebody else or a given group. His guild name under his character name prooves only one thing, he belongs to that guild... and nothing else. As far as I'm concerned there isnt a dumbass that cannot be replaced in order to experience the game content. Also ignore list.
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    Every single raiding guild I've been in has had a no chatting in trade unless it's for buying/selling, and no trolling, harrassment or abuse on any channel although general chit chat and joking around was fine (but not on trade).

    I am fine with a guild having that sort of rule, because I've never had the desire to contribute to the misuse of the trade channel, nor to troll or offend anyone in the game. Comes down to a choice though, as long as you know before joining the guild what the rules are I really don't see why it would be a big deal either way. Either you like a guilds policies or you don't.

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    -No racism
    -No sexism
    -No weird as f*ck stuff (Dead baby jokes and anything most people wouldn't joke around about in public)
    -Cap lock spamming

    Besides those they do whatever the hell you want, it's first and foremost a video game not an actual job or anything like that. As a GM the only thing I don't want my guildies doing is the things listed above in guild chat/trade/general. I don't mind trolls, in fact I love to see good trolls at work. Not the ones who say "you mad bro?" or things like that, but the type of trolling that the OP does or witty trolls. I say have as much fun as possible, just know when to stop.

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    No policies here, in fact my entire guild does this with me, it's quite fun.

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    I had a policy of no bashing of other guilds, but other than that I really didn't care how they acted. The only other thing that I did not tolerate was when a player went full on roidrage in someone's PuG or partial guild run.

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    my guilds current rule is dont do shit that will get you banned so you cant raid. If you get banned dont do it so it conflict with your raid attendance. but all in all we are fun guild everyone messes around
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    People doing below 200k dps? Ain't nobody got time for that.
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    Why? Why should content be gated behind skill?
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    It's basically so people will want to join your guild that it's looked down upon. Nobody wants to join the guild with members who spams general, because those people are not the people that bring in recruits to your guild and makes it grow. Those are the people who make people hesitate or flat out ignore your guild based off of one or two members whose mommies didn't love them enough so they have to seek attention in /1.

    Personally, I just always have all global/city channels in their own tab so I won't have to see the spam.
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    It's common knowledge to behave and represent your guild in a good way. But I never let an opportunity slip to have fun in raid or join a discussion if it isn't something completely stupid.
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