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    Garrosh BoA drop chances each lockout

    Been looking around a bit and still cant find any definitive info on these points...

    First, lets say you down Garrosh on 25 Normal, no BoA drops for you. Do you still have a chance to get a drop in Flex that same week? Or do you need to wait till next week to have a chance on either difficulty?

    Also, in line with that, Say you got a BoA drop off that 25 Normal, would you still stand a chance at a drop in Flex that week?

    Already have one for my main spec drop, which was off flex. So trying to get some for my still under geared alts. Don't really care what ilvl they are so flex ones are fine. But other then getting BoA's, there's little reason to do flex garrosh each week on my main. So if there's a separate drop chance on flex and normal/heroic then i can keep doing the flex runs each week.

    ..edit.. I guess also you could ask the same thing in reverse. If you do flex first would you still have a drop chance from normal/heroic that same week.
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    Anything and everything related to Garrosh Heirlooms is separated by Difficulty, Flex vs Normal. I assume Heroic shares with Normal, though it hardly matters since you can't do both Heroic and Normal in a week.

    Getting a drop or killing Garrosh in Normal, does not affect Flex Garrosh in any way, or vise versa.
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    Chance of an Heirloom dropping from Garrosh is unique to each difficulty that has an heirloom drop. In other words, doing Flex does not influence a drop from Normal/Heroic and vice versa.

    This can suck when you've done Normal Garrosh 10-15 times with no heirloom and then start downing him on Heroic as it doesn't care about your Normal drop chance.

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    You can go and kill flex Garrosh w/o to wory when i get mine normal grade bow and later in the week enter in flex got flex grade shield

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