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    Unhappy Wod challenge modes.

    Quick question.

    Are there also going to be new armor sets for the challenge modes in WOD or just the weapons?


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    For now it seems to be weapons only.

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    I hope new armor sets will be added too , just the weapons would be really lame :/

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    Won't be quite the demand this time around if it's only weapons, but if we're getting mid-expansion dungeons, that might be an opportunity to create a "super meta" to reward an armor set for a CM gold in all of them and keep CMs in the front of player's minds

    ie: WoD releases with 8 dungeons. Gold in all 8 = weapon reward
    ie: 6 months-1 year later: 2-4 more dungeons are released. Gold in all 10-12 = armor set

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    I really hope were getting armors, but so far we only know of weapons.

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    Considering we haven't seen ANY of the rewards yet, I wouldn't count it finished.
    There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold rewards, as well as other drops being added this time from completion.

    My initial thoughts were that all those weapons were obtainable simply by running CMs and getting a random peice rarely.
    I assumed the actual rewards would come in later, but thinking about it again its logical to think this wont be the case.

    Especially with as much work as Mythic specific models are getting, it seems unlikely to me that they would want a second set of challenge mode gear to compete with the first sets, but the counter argument could be made as well.

    Regardless, it is without question one of my most awaited features to test. I absolutely love CM, and can't wait to have more and more people interested in them.
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    Personally if they are keep the MoP CMs available in WoD somehow (scaling down or whatever) i would be fine with a weapon matching the class-armor reward. If - and most likely, as they stated before - removing the MoP CMs (at least the rewards) it wouldn't be enough for me. I guess they also know this, but they don't know yet, if their art team or their dungeon designer/balance team will have more resources. (tl;dr: if the art team got more time -> there will be armor sets too or if they have the technology to re-balance the MoP CMs for the new secondary stats they will keep them obtainable.)

    Personally i would like to see the second scenario. Would be nice to do the older CM's with current reward.

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    now new armor sets (or sth of similar value) = CMs will most likely be dead for me.

    and tbh. just weapons do not have the value as a whole armor set to me.

    From someone with CM gold on all 11 classes >_>
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    If it's only going to be weapons, then I can safely say that so far, I'm not going to use a single one of those weapons.

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    Just weapons. The cool gear is from Mythic now. Pretty lame, especially since they're removing old CMs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    I really hope were getting armors, but so far we only know of weapons.
    agree with ya

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    Could be fun if the weapons are for specific gold dungeons and they havent released the full armor sets yet for completing all gold. Crossing my fingers!

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    I would imagine there would be a class-specific armor set just like MoP has except they are expanding upon this by adding weapons. I definitely do not know this to be a fact but common sense dictates that they are just expanding the rewards that challenge modes give, meaning they will most likely adorn you with a class-specific set of armor AND transmogable weapons as well this time around.

    Who knows though, maybe there won't be any transmogable armor, perhaps they will just give weapons for transmog and a shiny new mount!

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    I think if they don't add a new set of armor there will be a LOT of angry little nerds floating around the game.

    So many people are just buying challenge mode carries now though, CMs are trivial at this point in time and that's always disappointing to see but its the nature of the game as content gets worn out.

    Looking forward to the new CMs.

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    As long as they add a mount like they did in MoP I'm down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuppetShowJustice View Post
    As long as they add a mount like they did in MoP I'm down.
    Yeah, I loved Paladin CM set, but even if it's just for a mount I'd be glad to continue to do them.

    Though, I'm sure they'll add more rewards.
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    Just weapons, and I believe some of them were listed on the front page of MMO fairly recently.

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