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    Quote Originally Posted by Paythepiper View Post
    You People cry over the gear gap differences that you can't get anywere near any rating With bad gear?
    well thats bullshit i went to 1800 in arena With a 522 rogue in 2's, queued With a 1700 ish Warrior 540 ilvl
    Are you really gonna use one of the most braindead comps in 2s as proof to dismiss what was claimed earlier?

    Mass-stealth + sap on 1 target.
    You have subterfuge + opener + tricks on warrior.
    Warrior has a ranged stun for when the other guy comes out of sap. And there is blind and ranged fear.
    If the openings target trinkets whatever he gets immediately into the next stun.
    Warrior is immune to fear and you are immune to pretty much all cc with cloak and you have vanish.

    Seriously, it doesn't matter how much you fuck up or how well you play, you will win anyways, regardless of your gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkm View Post
    Blizzards fault. The gear gap is so fucking wide now the difference just between grievous and prideful is huge.
    Which is really sad, I used to be able to hold my own against much better geared players, all through s1-at least 7 (Then I got super pve gear so I was the much better geared!) but now if you win against people in full prideful and you still have gri weapons...well something went terribly terribly wrong for the other team :P

    Item squish will fix it!
    You're a towel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sussex View Post
    Lmao I cant even find any random people to play 2s with casually anymore....everyone is "WTS arena wins pst"
    2s don't have rewards. Might as well play 3s for the weekly cap, at least then u have a chance the mount

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