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    Buying games on the steam sale and playing em.

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    Playing Wildstar and throwing money to my screen during the Steam Sales. And in the meanwhile I spend a few hours per day searching for a new/proper education.

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    Playing Wildstar. If it actually grips me before WoD, I'll stay there. If not, I'll head back to WoW and forget about Wildstar.

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    Boosted another paladin and doing 5.1-5.2 content again, only two parts of MoP that didn't suck elekk dung.

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    - Weekly uld / icc mountrun.
    - 1-2 cm boost pr week
    - Realm 1st cm runs
    - Casually progress on the legendary chainquest, getting the cloak next lockout!
    - Trying to get the cm gold times on every single class, only priest / Paladin to go.

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    Soloing DW for the Blazing Drake (only mount drop pre-MoP that I'm missing) on several chars.
    Doing World Bosses and Flex 4 on each of my chars every reset, for heirlooms and upgrades.
    Doing Timeless quests and Timeless coin grinds when I'm bored.

    Tempted to do some Challenge Mode pugging, already have 2 Chars with full gold, but wouldn't mind the Paladin and Priest xmog sets. I'm just too lazy to do it.

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    I unsub 3 months ago.
    Currently playing GW2 (fun, lots of good stuff but kinda boring and too themepark... ah well, at least it's sub-free !) , maybe i'll try Wildstar too.

    I plan to resub with 6.0 of course.

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    Playing p'n'p World of Darkness rpg irl (when I have time and I'm not overoccupied with work) and Gw2 (sub-free ftw).

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    I'm playing on my hunter alt and I'm doing this atm:

    1. Running flex mode - I want to get a heirloom weapon before WoD.
    2. Running a few TBC heroics every day to get a fancy transmog gear.
    3. Doing a legendary quest chain.
    4. Killing world bosses every week.
    5. Farming some mounts like Raven Lord or Ashes of Al'ar.

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    Tried the Iron Man and died at about level 31 , was so frustrated! haha

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    sometimes Path of Exile
    Thank you, gentlemen. Someday I will repay you, unless of course I can't find you, or if I forget.

    An allusion! What are you implying?

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    Enjoying the better MMO - Wildstar.

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    Unsubbed from WoW, otherwise:

    - Gearing up my norn ranger in GW2.
    - Leveling my mesmer and necro in GW2 (they are both adorable walking salads)
    - Playing Smite (I'm in love with Chang'e)
    - Some LoL whenever I can kidnap a couple of friends to play.
    - Trying to go up in ranks in Hearthstone and failing.
    - Steam Summer Sale.
    - Leveling a Pokémon team because reasons.

    That's all atm.

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    - Gonna try leveling up a new character IF the promotion goes through to spend time until next week, probably Druid/Shaman/Mage
    - WiiU hype next week! Finally getting the system, finding one was too difficult as it was sold out everywhere. Mario Kart 8 & Wind Waker HD
    - Play some singleplayer games from my Steam backcatalogue, i.e. Tomb Raider, XCOM etc.
    - Watch Orphan Black S01&02
    - Watch SGDQ2014

    These probably won't last until it releases in September-December, but it's something to start with.
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    watching world cup! come on netherlands!!! and binge watching psych and supernatural

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    Farming various mounts.

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    I just claimed my free 7-days, and have two 30-day game cards ready to add to my account.

    My plans:
    1) Leveling at least 3-4 of my alts that I never finished the rest of the way to 90
    2) Working on collecting as many battle pets as I can
    3) Lots of mount runs!
    4) PvP
    5) Achievements I have yet to do
    6) Proving Grounds, which I have yet to even see!

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    Playing Wildstar and LoL. I just can't stay interested in WoW for more than a week straight. I need WoD right now!

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