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    A really valid concern imo is translation's effect on the established vernacular of the fantasy genre. I forced my friends to play D&D in English back when 3E was released (we still played in greek back in AD&D) because a lot of things just sounded ridiculous when translated or we were forced to only partly translate which sounds even worse (plus at that point in high school we all were fairly proficient in english anyway). People who are accustomed to the fantasy genre have established expectations and are emotionally and cognitively committed to a certain vocabulary and verisimilititude and immersion depend hugely on this vernacular. Translation shatters that unless there have been consistent translations of RPGs in your native language and there is a local fantasy vernacular (German for instance has a well established vernacular for fantasy terms).

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    No, as there are hardly any games translated into silesian which is my native language.

    However, I would like to play WoW in polish, but I don't think polish translation will ever happen. Still, I play on mainly polish server so it isn't big deal.

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    Not available in my native language. Wouldn't use it even if it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    What do I you mean, I'd love to spam "donderball" on my shaman. And it always sucks when I get "ketting gevreesd" by a warlock.

    I'd love for a dutch version of WoW...I'd give anything for it.

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    Put it on French and cut your ears off after an hour.
    Will try this when i get back home. :P

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    Using English for every device/program/whatever as the default, this is mainly due the English-Hungarian translations are usually really really bad and misleading. When i started playing WoW i was on a mainly Hungarian realm, but even there i was in an English speaking guild.

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    Always played in English and never had any problems - also reading more english just made my understanding of the langiage a little better if i have to be honest.

    Then they decided to do Italian servers; tbh while the translation work is really good, i'm too much used to English names for basically everything. I also hate how they tried to render things like city names, main character names, etc in italian and they just sound awful.

    Always played English, and if i'll countinued for WoD, it will stay like that.
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    Wow isn't available in my native language (Finnish) and if it was, I would at most try it out for the laughs and revert back soon after. It would be _HORRIBLE_.
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    I always play games in English, even though nowadays literally every game comes with a German translation. Heck I even read books in English that weren't originally in English. It keeps me thinking while reading. It's not a bad thing to be confronted with English on a daily basis especially as I need it for work, and I personally find it embarassing how few people around here speak English properly even though they all had classes at school for at least 6 years.
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    I'm a native English speaker (UK) - I've played in French for a while before, but it was more for levelling - I was using reading quests and things as a way of improving my vocabulary. Haven't done that in a while though... Although, that didn't mean I had to play on a French server - it is only the client language that changes (including links when you make them in chat - but you just click them and get them in your client language). Just mentioning it for those who maybe want to try a different language but are too fond of their current server!

    This has made me want to go install the German client though - I'm getting better at the language and fancy a bit of a test :P

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    Nope, I play all my games in English. Spanish translations are usually awful.

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    Considering my native language is Welsh, which is one of the least spoken languages still alive in the modern world, I seriously doubt any game would ever offer support for it.

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    I like my mother tongue, but severs based on the language are within a bad phenomenon. To avoid that issue, I switched to a U.S. server just now. I hope my English won’t be a trouble maker.

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    I used to play it in German, since I was introduced by my friends and thus started playing on a German server with them. And it's a bit easier to communicate with your German party members if you know what the spells etc are called in German, if you link them the recipes and spells etc in German.

    Still, at the end of Cata I switched to English. I generally consume all English / American content in the original language, whether it's books or movies or tv shows or games, and frequent the english speaking internet more than I do the german internet, so it just felt more natural to see WoW in its original language, too.

    Very occasionally I still switch back to German to hear some of the German voice-overs, for amusement or because they're cuter than the English ones ^^

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    My native language is Dutch. Even though there are enough Dutch players to make a Dutch WoW, I don't think the players nor blizz are interested in it. I'm fine with english.
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