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    I feel anything under 50 is "tiny". Anything between 51 and 200 is what I consider to be "small" and those are the types of guilds I enjoy.

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    Small, tight knit, active guilds are by far and away the best kind of guild IMO.
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    I only enjoy large guilds if they don't have those 1-3 people who just.. never.. shut.. up, and who are constantly outspoken in their often ludicrous opinions, be they religious, political, sports-related, anything really. So I guess I enjoy smaller guilds, if only to lessen the chances of fucking annoying people being in them.

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    Doesn't matter much as long as they aren't assholes.
    Small ones are a bit better though.

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    most times when guilds get big they are divided into cliques and it's just a shitty environment
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    I love big guilds. 50 people, or more.
    Below that number it does not feel right for an MMORPG, to me.

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    I like guilds with 6-15 active members that TRY to do content.

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    I prefer the smaller guilds. Easier to get to know each other and have it feel like a family. 25 is my sweet spot for a guild.

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    In my guild currently there’s 13 raiders and our alts.
    81 toons in total.

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    Larger casual/progressive guilds always, every guild that I have joined has been 40/25 man and I always preferred raiding with a variety of personalities, it makes clearing trash and wiping on bosses way more fun... which can sometimes spawn those great memorable moments.
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    Small ones, since large guilds have so many players with different thoughts it inevitably leads to all sorts of drama, not to mention all sorts of idiots and trolls.
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    I'd rather have it small/medium, mostly because I like getting to know people and building a relationship with the guild members. I don't like logging on daily and still not knowing who someone is..

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    I guess I'll be the odd one out but I like large guilds. I like being able to log on at any time and have enough people to do anything. There's definitely a lot more drama and cliques form but ill take that over logging on constantly to 1 person on remote chat.

    If youre a schedule player, you probably don't mind the small guilds because everyone you need logs on when you need them to. Unfortunately my playtime is erratic so I can't commit, so being able to log on randomly and pool together at least a good foundation of a raid group makes larger guilds better for me.
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    Both are somewhat the same thing to me.

    In a 10 man guild you have a clique or two with 10-15 players and in a 25 man you have the 30-40 players having their own separate 5-10ish people cliques. Since I raid where I do the 25 man models work out better not only for preference but because people tend to be more objective.

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    Well, to be honest, those two aren't the main factors by far for me.

    Can be huge and dead, can be small and dead.

    Social activity and welcoming nature, that is what demands are for me. Think that is a fair wish. I don't mind big or small, just want it to have some social life.
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    I run a guild and we've got a nice balance of players. We have 2 raid teams currently, one progressing heroic, the other's about to start. So there's 20 active players there. We also have about 15 active socials and we often have 10-15 people on teamspeak every evening.. regardless of events. Most of it's just social chatting and relaxed gameplay, we play other games too.

    I think it's a pretty nice size. You have the core people and the socials who are around to chat. Everyone gets on.

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    Medium Active Guilds

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    Small guilds just due to the fact I like being able to know everyone and get to know everyone well. Big guilds usually means there's going to be a lot more drama and a lot more stupidity.
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    For me as well the biggest deal breaker is the overall atmosphere, which I prefer to be friendly and social with some reasonable activity going on in the guild chat. Size comes after that, although I'm more of a 10m person in PvE.

    Leaning towards small.

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