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    The should remove BS, Tailor, and Leather working

    I have only ever had a BS for its perks. The sockets. I only had LW for the bracer perks. Perks are now gone. Why keep them around? They are annoying to level, the gear is all generic in looks, and sees nothing of significance. Sure they get epic recipes, but they are made useless by heroics, or tier depending on the class. After the first month or so everyone who honestly needs the gear is raiding normals. In my time of raiding since Wrath, I have never seen one of my guild members actually get one of the crafted items unless they crafted it themselves. Even then they struggle with wanting to grind it or not since most of them do not see it as worth it since it takes so long and most of the time something better comes from the raid.

    Why even keep them around now without the perks? There's no use in leveling them. Most of the armor doesn't have a unique look and if it does its an incomplete set. Sure, some may make a bit of money from the epics, but honestly, how much use do you get out of a pattern after like month two? The ones who make the money are the ones who get it on there the fastest. After that its nothing but people spamming trade and getting nothing, at least on my server, for weeks on end. All the while lowering the price on something that is worthless compared to the free normals or LFR tier.

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    At that rate you might as well just remove professions.
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    I've always sold the specialty tailoring materials that you could make one of per day for at least the last two expansions for months and months.

    If I only used tailoring for that, then it would still be worth it.

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    Well sure some proffessions you can make money on, though i dont necessarily agree that they should remove them but they really need to make them more rewarding. For instance by dropping RARE BoE recipes as worlddrops.

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