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    AddOn to add more Font Sizes to Dropdown Menu?

    Hi, I remember an AddOn once doing this but cannot remember what it was called.

    I am looking for an AddOn that adds more Chat Font Size options to choice from on the drop down menu that appears when you right click a chat tab in the Blizzard UI and go to Chat Font. I remember an AddOn that had more so you could choice font size 13 for example.

    I do not mind if its out dated because I mainly just want to look at the code to find out how to do such a thing. If you can help me with that without linking the AddOn then that is also great.

    Thanks! I hope I explained that good enough.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Never I figured it out. I did some looking into the Blizzard Constants.lua file and found that you just need to change the following table to something like this:

    	[1] = 8,
    	[2] = 9,
    	[3] = 10,
    	[4] = 11,
    	[5] = 12,
    	[6] = 13,
    	[7] = 14,
    	[8] = 15,
    	[9] = 16,
    	[10] = 17,
    	[11] = 18,
    Then in-game the additional options are added. So simple!

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    FWIW there are 4 default Blizzard fonts, if you wanna change them hard code without an addon it's as simple as copy paste. Otherwise you'll have to go either the addon route or (easier) shared media. I had this issue a while back, I ended up taking some old addon and replacing the font in the lua.

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