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    Karabor and Bladespire are no longer our Capital hubs.

    Mumper tweeted an hour ago that instead of Karabor and Bladespire Fortress as faction hubs, we now get generic human and orc bases on the outskirts of the pvp zone Ashran as the place where we will have portals, vendors and Trade Chat, much like how Shrines work in MoP. The Alliance area is made out of grey Stormwind-esque stone, surrounded by generic wooden barricade walls. You can observe both this and the horde areas in this YouTube video from the Alpha.

    I think this is possibly one of the dumbest changes so far on the Alpha, and I just wanted to see how everyone else felt about it.

    Was really looking forward to chatting around in an epic place such as Karabor, but it seems like Blizzard wants to push the pvp agenda and camp us next to the pvp zone.

    If you are unhappy about these changes, NOW is the time to let them know it. Tweet Mumper on his Twitter Account and voice your opinion. The chance is slim, but we MIGHT be able to change their minds on this before it gets too overly developed.

    UPDATE: Mumper tweeted again at around 10:30AM this morning basically with the attitude of, "We promised a lot of things at Blizzcon. Things change." Link below for the tweet:
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    Blizzard went full retard.

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    Yes I was positive about other changes in warlords, but this one makes me one to not play the game.

    However there is already a post below
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    EDIT: Now that I've cool down just gonna say, not cool, not cool at all.
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    Not really sure what to think of this.

    I liked the idea of being apart from the Alliance, whereas in Pandaria we've always been two steps away from each other, I wanted our Capital Cities to have some distance, and some really awesome vibe to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    Blizzard went full retard.
    naw... they were there back in Cata. Haven't gotten that bad again, yet.

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    This is absolutely horrible, why would they do this?! I don't understand. I was looking forward to these cities a lot. Please change it back.

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    Did they do this to encourage players to pvp at Ashran?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Servasus View Post
    Was really looking forward to chatting around in an epic place such as Karabor, but it seems like Blizzard wants to push the pvp agenda and camp us next to the pvp zone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    Blizzard went full retard.
    basically totally sum it up. Instead of getting an absolutely cool capital Blizzard decides to shove OMGWORLDPVP down our throats at the cost of making the capital worse than the Shrines (which were only really half-cities, in the first place). That's even worse than their "we want everybody out in the world!!!" crap in MOP which damn near ruined their game in 5.0.

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    As if they didn't get the message of how much people hated pvp when they included it in the legendary quest.

    Now they're doing this to try and shoehorn that crappy part of the game in. (personal opinion of course)
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    I think they didn't manage to pull that cross-realm thing they were trying to use to balance Ashran, so they are forcing the whole server to, at the very least, be around the place.

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    I agree, horrible idea. Let's express our disappointment enough and maybe Blizzard will change it. I signed into my two year old twitter account just to express my frustrations at that tweet.

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    While I wasn't looking forward to anything in Frostfire Ridge, I can't accept a hub on the edge of a pvp zone. They can go fuck themselves.

    EDIT: A bit surprised by the votes so far. I know my opinions can be a bit polarizing, but it does seem like nobody is happy with this change.
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    Seems like an awful change.

    I'm staying at Karabor. :I

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    I really dislike this change. They have been building the Temple of Karabor to be the most awesome place that you have to put work into to even get it to be your faction's city. We have Draenei, their architecture and culture in that temple and instead, we are getting a generic human military base as a capital? A capital that is located on an isolated island, and not in a beautifully made zone with constant night time? Very disappointed.
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    This makes little sense to me, other than Blizzard trying to get more people interested in "world pvp" or something. I was looking forward to spending time in Karabor. It makes less sense, since our Garrisons will be near Bladespire and Karabor anyway. You'd think they'd want us to have our Garrisons near our actual hubs or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerkked View Post
    " I hate PvP so I am going to bash every change and hate PvP. Go to Hell PvP. Arh"
    It's not just a PvP change, it affects everyone.

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    That's...pretty disappointing. I don't have much to add to this thread beyond what has been said already, though.

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    This makes absolutely no fucking sense to me. Replaced Shatt with outposts? Are you kidding lol?

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