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    Exclamation [A] Entropy @ Bronzebeard 14/14 HC Recruiting! Expanding to 25HC!

    We are one of the oldest and most respected raiding guilds on Bronzebeard server and are constantly looking for the best players available. Entropy is as stable as it gets in terms of guilds. We value people who can play their class to it's full potential, who strive to learn encounters when they are just released and most of all, people who can play an active part in contributing to the guild. We enjoy having good progression but we never forget our guild is built on having loyal, long term players. Motivation and the ability to listen to and learn from our experienced raid leaders is essential in all applicants. Experience from past expansions at heroic level is an advantage but not essential as we are most interested in your progress in the current expansion,don't hesitate to apply/contact us even if you're behind on hc progress in the current expansion!
    Tier 14:
    Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6 HC (Cutting Edge)(Realm First)
    Heart of Fear 6/6 HC (Cutting Edge)
    Terrace of Endless Spring 6/6 HC (Cutting Edge)

    Tier 15:
    Throne of Thunder - 13/13 HC (Cutting Edge x2)

    Tier 16:
    Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14 HC (Cutting Edge)(Realm First)
    SoO Alt Progress 14/14 HC

    We are currently recruiting almost ALL Classes/Specs/Roles as we are expanding to do 25 mans (20 mans come 6.0/WoD). Legendary cloak is mandatory.

    Guild Info:


    -Stable and well established guild.
    -Organised raiding schedule.
    -Guild bank support for raids (Pots/Flasks/Food/Repairs/Crafting,etc).
    -Knowledgeable raid leading team.
    -Highly organised and experienced core group of players who have raided together for years.
    -High quality social content, Alt raids,Challenge Modes,Battlegrounds,Arenas etc.


    -Legendary Quest Chain DONE
    -Understanding and playing your class to its full potential.
    -You must be hellbent on raiding as much as time allows you to.
    -Positive attitude.
    -Time investment, clearing content takes time, you must love wipe nights.
    -Any new recruit must value our goals and aims, if your not on the same page as us then we are not the guild for you.
    -Heroic Experience, we are not a training guild, We expect applicants to know their class inside out.
    -Sense of humor!
    -We also like people who are vocal on Ventrilo. Everything about our guild is discussed on Ventrilo, if you don't speak your views wont be heard.

    Raiding Schedule

    We raid 4 days a week - Wednesday , Thursday,Sunday and Monday(If everything isn't dead by monday), Atm we clear 14/14 hc SoO in 1 night.
    Invites start at 19.45 and raid pulls at 20.00 server time,with a break at 22:00 for 10 minutes.
    Raids finish at 00.00.

    P.S We are always on the lookout for exceptional players,so even if your class isn't open, we would still like to hear from you!
    P.S.S Also looking for socials to contribute in other ways (alt runs/Cms/bgs etc).

    Contacts :
    Officers : Hac/Jodiefroster/Darkjimb/Olofthegreat/Avalonian on Bronzebeard (EU)
    Website : http://www.EntropyGuild.co.uk
    WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/bronzebeard/Entropy
    Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/EntropyBronzebeardTV

    You can also pm me on mmo-champion or add me on battle-tag (Miloscub#2409) for more info.
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    Bump bump!

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    Bump bump bump!!!!

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    Bump bump! Paragons hc down on alts!

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    Bump bump bupm!!!

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    Bump bump!!!

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    Bump bump!

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    Bump! still need people to switch to 25 hc!

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    Still looking for exceptional players for expanding to 25 HCS!

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    Still looking for most Classes/Specs for 25 HCs!!!

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    Still looking for exceptional players for expanding to 25 HC! + 20 man once 6.0 patch hits/WoD drops!

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    Still looking for most Classes/Specs for 25 mans! alt team 14/14 hc!

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    Still looking for exceptional players for expanding to 25 HC/20m mythic!

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    Still looking for exceptional players for expanding to 25 HCS!

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    With 6.0 patch and changes to SoO raiding structure coming soon (tm) we are still looking for exceptional players to fill up our roster for 20 man! at 13-14 people atm so hurry up and apply!

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    bump bump bump! BB finally merged with Aerie Peak!

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    Bronzebeard finally merged with Aerie Peak! back to medium pop! Still need a few people for Mythic SoO/WoD!

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    Mythic coming on the 15th! bump! need a 2-3 more ppl for it! hurry up and apply!

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    Need Hpala/Rshammy/Rdruid for Mythic! Also wouldn't mind a mage/warr/lock dps!

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