View Poll Results: Are you tired of the human/orc architecture everywhere?

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  • Nah I like it actually.

    44 10.89%
  • Yes I am, I want my <race> to have his/her own unique garrison and I'm tired of human/orc stuff!

    165 40.84%
  • I don't really care so long as they're functional

    34 8.42%

    25 6.19%
  • I miss Ironforge/Undercity and the like, and want to see more racial differences in architecture.

    123 30.45%
  • Don't care either way, I just want to vote.

    13 3.22%
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    i wish i could have a tauren themed garrison. like up on a bluff.
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    Yes, I am terribly bored of this forced Orc vs Human stuff. Horde and Alliance are not Orcs and Humans alone. Both factions have different races with different lore, different motives in faction relations, and different tastes. I fail to see blood elf mage being happy to live in a zugzug hut. I believe Blizzard should put all needed infrastructure in all capital cities, instead of forcing people to use Stormwind/Org.

    About Garrisons. To be honest after they've ripped every great feature/selling point from Garrisons, like being able to choose what location to place it, being able to name followers, being able to choose building types and perks... architecture sadly means nothing in this Failyson they've turned a great feature into.

    Blizzard are being too lazy, even for Blizzard's standarts. They should not ask themselves "Oh god why are we loosing subs?" because their lazyness is exactly why. During WotLK subs peaked because Blizzard were creative and actively worked on game. Compare features, raids, environments, lore, awesome DK intro quests, pre-expansion awesome event, etc etc in Wrath to the same in MoP/WoD. Compare quality of the art (tier sets, weapons). Compare game systems. Compare selling points and amounts of content delivered at release. WoD is an expansion in which we get less that we had in previous expansion - less abilities, smaller capitals, simplier dungeons, smaller numbers; and with almost all selling points being turned into a bad abominations of what they've showed to us at Blizzcon.

    Well, no king can rule forever, I guess.
    "Patch 7.2 is the biggest content patch ever created by Blizzard" bwahahahahahahaha thanks for a good laugh guys, yeah, alongside with 6.1, aha

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