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    58. The quicker I get out of the abomination that is Cataclysm revamped zones, the better. Not that Outland is great after going through it all these times, but... At least it isn't Cataclysm.

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    As late as possible. I hate Outland and I love revamped azeroth. Mostly I completely skip outland and just do dungeons.
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    Whats up with all the cataclysm hate?

    I rank it...

    WOTLK>revamped cata>BC>>>>>>>>>>>MoP=actual cata content

    I hate BC but its so hard to hate it when it only lasts for a litle while...
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    BC leveling zones kind of suck now, but the XP gain is so much better I go to the portal at 58 almost every time. That and cataclysm leveling is quite a drag. Wrath is tolerable, classic revamp is fine. I wonder how well MoP will age, but after leveling 11+ toons through it I didn't feel "oh not this shit again".
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    outland easily. the only time i didnt go there at 58 was when they did the 1-60 revamp because i was having so much fun doing all the new content. i think i was like 61 or 62 by the time i went through the portal then.
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    I head out to outlands ASAP, it's nice feeling like I'm making progress on my characters!

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    Another chip in the "58" pile. The XP increase just makes it worth it.

    That said, I kinda think the dungeons at lvl 58-68 are kinda crap. There's suddenly a lot of cool dungeons between lvl 68 and up though northrend, but the outland ones are definitively overstaying their welcome in my opinion.

    At least we have some quests in outland that are kinda fun.

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    Im not sure if revamped blasted lands / otehr area >>> hellfire for xp
    If you're purely looking to level fast, ask a friend to power level you in dungeons from 57 to 60. It takes 5 hellfire runs, and it took me ~18-25 minutes for all 5, on a fresh 90 mage in ilvl 485. You can wait at the entrance for 57-59(4 runs), then follow him at 59 for the quests(1 run) to get 60.

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    58. The quest rewards and gear are way better than anything the old world offers, and I love Outland.

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    If there isn't a particular questline or zone I want to finish I usually go at 58.

    I just love outland. The quests might not be the most inspired, but the landscapes and mobs make more than up for it.

    Better rewards are a nice bonus as well.

    Also draenei. Yaaay! :P

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    58! no questions asked.. why would you stay at azeroth? Silithus is so demoralizing..

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    I strive to fully complete every zone that I step foot in, so I typically end up hitting Outland at around level 59-61. I just pick out the zones that I want to tackle and so things typically remain somewhat fresh for me.

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    I only go to one of the Outlands.

    (Real answer: I dungeon instead.)
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    I'm seeing a lot of this:

    Quote Originally Posted by zolok2.0 View Post
    Definitely 58.... You get something like 10k XP a quest, whereas in Winterspring or blasted lands you might get 7k if you're lucky. So yeah, big difference. Also the gear is a million times better from outlands.
    Quote Originally Posted by DomesticViolence View Post
    58. The quest rewards and gear are way better than anything the old world offers, and I love Outland.
    And so forth...

    This isn't actually accurate as of Cataclysm.

    The quests in the 'new' Blasted Lands give significantly more xp (and better rewards) than the early Hellfire Peninsula quests.

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