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    There seems to be three options that I know of, and I would like to know which one is honestly the best for someone who is a tank (as in, can't do much dps to mobs). With that in mind, here are the three options

    1) Dailies, Timeless Isle, Farm, Isle of Thunder...etc

    2) Professions, which leads to....

    3) being an AH slave

    I am SURE that being an AH slave is probably the best efficiency in gold/time, I can't do that and I dont have the economics to back me up. And by that I dont mean gold (well, I dont have much of that either...), I mean fundamental theories and shit.

    I dont know what to do...

    The "shuffle" seems interesting, as I have both maxed mining and jewelcrafting if I recall correctly....just not on my main account.....which sucks...because I find monk tanks even slower questers than DK tanks iirc.
    Tiller's Farm as Kektonic noted. All you're doing is investing time for profit, even if it's a small amount. If you line that up with running old raids (e.g. for chasing after pets or Bastion of Twilight trash farming for transmog items), MoP heroic 5-mans and MoP LFRs, you'll net plenty of coin a week. Maybe a couple professions as well, like selling disenchanting materials and/or transmutations, mining and herbing. You really don't need to sit in front of the AH. You toss your stuff up and walk away. If it doesn't sell, put it back up and walk away.

    Many don't want to do this, but I found it works for me and nets a decent day's pay, is taking advantage of your instant queue as a tank. I'm not saying to sell runs or anything. Keep chaining heroics (they only last 10-15 minutes) and rolling need on the items that you can roll need on, so afterward you can vendor greys/whites/greens/blues for profit. I know it sounds desperate, but you have the option to roll and no one needs the gear. They usually speak up if they do. Plan out your week on what you'll do. Hope this helps a bit.
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    On my server, lower level herbs or ores ( as copper ore for example) have sky roof prices. if you go farm once a week for a half an hour, you cen go easy for 500-1000 golds really easy.
    Btw you always should do the farm at tiller's. that is easy money, for example doing it whit tailoring will grant you 1 royal satchel bag every 12 days (2.5k on my server before, 1.8k now) so you can do the math.

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    i have two accounts.
    1 i use for the action house.
    1 i use for playing on.

    I spent a long time going over all the (mostly) rare items and rare world drops, but also all kinds of gear.
    ( = my second home back in the days, now i only have to update the items every now and then something new is released).
    There are also lots is sites that lists which rare items, transmog lists etc etc are most sought after)

    I then entered all those items into the addon named tradeskillmaster (lots of guides on how to use it, takes time though).
    I have set it up so that if a item is below my "buy it now threshold", i will snipe that item.

    Then every so often i get the items i won and scrolling my mousewheel, (which is keybinded to macro) i can post hundreds and hundreds of items incredibly fast, at the "rollback price i had decided for each of the items". Rince and repeat.

    I also sell pets. If i need to go to a new low pop server i send several timeless isle items to the new banker, then vendor the items for 50 g each (gives a decent starting capital on a new lvl 1 to sell stuff on the ah). Usually i buy pets on a high pop server and sell then for like 3-4 times the price on the new low pop server. Then i buy a lvl 2 guild. Everytime i bother to check that toon i can collect from 40 to 80 k, usually once a day. When that toon has max gold, "999.999" gold, in the guildbank, i send heirlooms to the banktoon and lvl it to 10. Then i make another lvl 1 toon on that realm and invite it to the guild. Then im able to transfere the toon and guild to another realm, should i want that.
    The pet market have dried up a bit, since people started to dupe them, its really sad. Hopefully it will pick up more, when wod comes and more people starts to play.

    Ive never used professions and never farmed stuff. Never powerleveled or boosted people.
    I spend maybe max 2 hours a day, when i can be bothered. Ofc in the beginning i was online pretty much all afternoons.

    I think my method is absolutely genius. It takes a long time and dedication to learn how to do it, but once you do, you win and sell items incredibly fast, thanks to the mousescroll wheel macro method. I have several banktoons that has made around 16 mill each, + all those lone bankers out on realms with 1 mill, just sitting there.

    edit: if you decide to try this out, maybe just start with 1 item. When you get the hang of things you can increase the number of items you want to track. You need to keep an eye out though on the prices, and update how much you are wiling to buy a item for, and the roll back price, every so often, due to inflation. Every server is different.
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