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    I want a water elemental tank so badly, that way we could actually be able to solo content the way almost every other class can. And please don't respond with the "well just roll a warlock, duh" because I truly want to play my mage, just a new beefed up mage... Also, make flamestrike have a beefed up cataclysm visual effect.
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    Way too much like a warlock. Cooler idea, IMO:

    Infusion of Water
    2 minute cooldown

    Your water elemental envelops you, causing you to unleash a flurry of water bolts at enemies within 40 yards every 3 seconds for 30 seconds. Your water elemental is resummoned afterwards.

    2.5 sec cast
    1 minute cooldown
    30 minute duration

    You and your water elemental fuse elements with each other, infusing your frost spells with water and transforming your water elemental into an ice elemental.

    Ice Elemental abilities:
    Frost Aura
    Passive (can be activated/deactivated)
    Deals damage and generates threat in an area around the ice elemental.

    Icebound Fortitude
    3 minute cooldown
    Reduces the damage dealt to your Ice Elemental by 40% and grants it immunity to stuns for 12 seconds.

    Same as current.

    Mage abilities:

    Frostbolt = Water Bolt
    Same as frostbolt. Slightly weaker damage and stronger healing effect on your elemental. No slow effect.

    Cone of Cold = Water Burst
    Pushes enemies back and applies the Weakened Blows effect instead of slowing. Same in every other way.

    Frost Nova = Aqua Nova
    Slows instead of freezes. Slightly more damage.

    Ice Lance = Water Jet
    Gains damage from FoF but has no additional effect on frozen targets. Applies the Weakened Blows effect.

    The first idea is to give frost mages some AoE fun and ideally it'd be roughly the same amount of damage single target, just for situations where the water elemental isn't convenient. It'd function similar to a weaker version of druid's starfall.

    The second is to give frost mages - and just mages as a whole - stronger soloing potential. I feel like as a pure dps, mages ought to be a little better at soloing so they can do stuff on their own (as literally every other pure dps is pretty damn good at it) but buffing their soloing capabilities might make them a little OP elsewhere. This was my idea for fixing that.
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    Well, with the arrival of Water Jet, pet interaction does becomes stronger, so its a case of get used to it or play another spec. I'm not a wannabe warlock, but I for one would actually like more pet abilities / management, particularly if it involves increased skill cap = increased dps. If we're gonna have a pet, give it a point or it might as well just be a guardian...

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    have the elemental split in 3 smaller ones and each do 40%-50% damage of the original elemental? 25 second uptime on a 2 minute cd?

    kinda like the monk cleave? but with a CD.

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    Fire elemental!

    Fire nova, applies a huge ignite to everything within X yards to combust with!

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