View Poll Results: What are your thought regarding running away after ganking

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  • Hahaha I got away to gank you another day

    53 45.30%
  • I feel embarrassed I had to run

    8 6.84%
  • This is part of playing a rogue and I am not ashamed of it, but I wish I didn't need it

    27 23.08%
  • I play my rogue purely because of this reason

    29 24.79%
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    I hate it too when it happens to me, but the more and more I play a rogue, the more I realize I have to sometimes.

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    One thing you learn quickly about ganking... people will call you a pussy/noob/etc if you stay to fight, and ultimately die, and they will call you a pussy/noob/etc if you runaway. I prefer the option where I don't die.
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    Rogue is a devious class, they aren't supposed to have any sort of honor in combat
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