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    Quote Originally Posted by Desareon View Post
    That PvP gear looks like absolute shit. Still wondering why Blizzard hasn't held a Gear Creation Contest of some kind?... They've obviously running out of ideas.
    What does it even matter? It's another stupid flying mount in Blizzard's crappy no flying allowed expansion. Seriously, stop making the shit if you don't want people using them, or come out with a dumb tweet or some junk admitting you were wrong, you're sorry, and you're giving it back at max level.

    Every one of these damn things they show off just makes me want to buy this garbage less and less. I don't want flapping birds on the ground. They look retarded. If I wanted to look retarded, I can do that for free and just put underwear on my head and run out into rush hour traffic screaming "THE REDCOATS ARE COMING!".
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    For God's sake and for all that's Holy!

    THAT GUY is not Khadgar at all ... maybe it's an elderly Anduin, but clearly IS NOT Khadgar ... Almost I prefer his placeholder model from a week ago ...

    Well... considering that Blizzard has no fucking idea of their games' lore, that fudge is somewhat understandable ... But for that we are here!

    Let's see, some of the basic features of Khadgar are:

    • Khadgar has an appearance of an old man of at least 80 years
    • Khadgar is slightly bald for the front side
    • Khadgar has a long gray beard that reaches to his waist
    • Khadgar wears robes of purple color (like a good Archmage of Dalaran)
    • Khadgar wears a long cloak
    • Khadgar's eyes do not shine (except when he channels large amounts of magic)
    • Khadgar smokes his pipe when needs to think or meditate
    • Khadgar fights with his sword in his right hand and his Staff of Nethergarde in his left hand

    Although undoubtedly are missing some sort of Kirin Tor symbolisms in the Khadgar's garb, perhaps the only positive thing of that model is the Seal of Stormwind he carries on his belt, as Stormwind is his native kingdom (contrary to what happens with Uther Lightbringer, who wrongly carries everywhere the Seal of Stormwind, when he should carry the Seal of Lordaeron... which proves again the ignorance of Blizzard).

    The only explanation I find to this terrible model is that Blizzard stupidly has relied on the image that Khadgar had during the First War.

    In fact, that was the image with which Khadgar was announced as an hero of the Alliance for the WoD expansion.

    However, due to the curse he carries, the Khadgar's appearance currently would be roughly something like that, although, for a clearer concept we have his statue in Stormwind.

    But do not worry anyone! Blizzard always has a magic word that fixes all their nonsense about the lore of their games ... the magic word is "retcon".
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    Welp. Seems like Druids are going to be flying around Ashran.

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    Woohoo, manuals are back!

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    Why do the artists hate hunters so much? I've had to spend an entire tier in transmog already (who actually likes the laser cyclops tripod?) and now they want to replace the lasers with terrible buzzsaw holes? It looks like another expansion of transmoging every upgrade to a better artist's work from a previous expansion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northem View Post
    Wild idea - young (well considering curses and sruff) Khadgar.
    Time travel 'n' shiet....

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    Leading philosophy of WoW artists in case of hunters is punishing players with terrible look. Pfff...

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    Wow that Paladin Elite PvP set looks amazing, would get into PvPing just to get it for mogging.
    Also, that Priest & Hunter Mystic sets look pretty badass as well.

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    Windfury Attack: Imbue the Shaman's weapon with wind. Each hit has a 20% chance of triggering three extra attacks dealing $25,504sw2 Physical damage. Lasts 60 minutes Requires One-Handed Axes, Two-Handed Axes, One-Handed Maces, Two-Handed Maces, Staves, Fist Weapons, Daggers, Fishing Poles. 100 yd range. Instant.

    I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at that. Please, Blizzard, let the fishing pole shaman be viable!

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    I'm sorry but wow... Shaman/hunter masteries just got RAAAAAPED. Wow you remove the only cool masteries that those two classes get. Just ugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darknessvamp View Post
    Welp. Seems like Druids are going to be flying around Ashran.
    I for one welcome our new shapeshifting overlords.

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    Wait...did they change the Warlock Mythic T17 to be less awesome. Where are the skulls on the shoulders? Helm looks pedestrian.

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    Actually, the Mythic hunter set grew on me once I realized that those are Rylak skulls...

    Could do without the spinning cogwheels though, they don't feel very "Hunter". Love the Dread raven references in the Mythic priest set.

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    something must have happened to Khadgar to revert Medivh's curse

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    What a horrible time to be a Monk. All 3 shown sets have been so...ugh.

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    I would be happy if they gave us mage robes similar to the one Khadgar has.

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    op khadgar

    For everyone who doesn't like Khadgar's model, don't forget he is appprentice of Medivh, he is skilled enough for reducing effects of his curse (hell, he almost defeated Deathwing when he was barely 18!) , look at Aegwynn, she was like 500 years old when she died (not even because of old age), Khadgar is ofc not that powerful as Aegwynn, but i think he is powerful enough to simply reduce the effect of curse. And beard, well he can shave it, not a big problem at all I think (If Goel can get a new hairstyle, I think Khadgar can shave his beard ) . Only thing what disturb me little bit is that robe, I think violet robe of Kirin Tor would be way better, but still, I think he looks cool
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    Quote Originally Posted by scvd View Post
    What a horrible time to be a Monk. All 3 shown sets have been so...ugh.
    I do not agree, I found them nice and "sexy".

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    Wtb Khadgar's gloves/boots model for players!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyviannes View Post
    I for one welcome our new shapeshifting overlords.
    ^^ We need more druid only stuff. I loved the druid only herbs in twilight highlands during cata pre nerf for example.

    Also that rogue set O_O bad ass. I have a rogue friend who said now he has to come back early and do pvp (He dislikes pvp) ty blizz for getting him to pvp with me. Been trying for years.

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