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    The implementation of Enh over every expansion has been heavily focused on Dual Wielding with 0 time paid to 2h. If that wasn't a clear indication, from a gameplay perspective, that 2h Enh is dead, I don't know what is.
    Not really. None of our abilities are designed in a way that makes it impossible, or even hard, to make it work for 2h. All that really matters is blizzard's attitude towards the matter. What kills 2h is nothing other than blizzard's "we dont want you to do it" attitude, nothing else.

    Lava Lash (prime example): They basically go "screw you, no using this with 2h weapon". All they would have to do is remove that restriction, and as the base make LL work as if you were holding a 1h weapon in your offhand with the same ilvl as the 2h you're holding. Either that, or lower the weapon damage percentage accordingly.

    Windfury: Less attacks, less procs (but stronger ones). It balances itself out just like it does with auto hits. No work needed.
    Flametongue: Allow 2h weapons to benefit from both imbues (both part of a passive come WoD). Easy. The damage is already relative to weapon speed, so no problem there.

    Imbues in general: Extra attacks (SS+LL) happen as often with 2h as with dw, but deal more damage with 2h. HOWEVER, wf will proc more often with a faster 1h, and there'll be more auto hits in general, making...

    MSW: ...more procs in dw. This could be solved by buffing the ppm rate while weilding a 2h though. Even with a buffed chance though, a single 2h strike cannot proc more than one charge, so dw would likely be stronger still for msw, even with a buffed ppm.

    SS: Would be equal in terms of base damage, whereas dw allows for one more strike/msw proc, but lower imbue damage.

    Spells (Shocks/LB/EB/FN/Fire Totems): No changes needed

    So it basically comes down to 2h doing a little bit more imbue damage through SS/LL, and dw allowing for more msw procs. Juggle a little bit with the msw proc rate for 2h, and I am sure 2h could be a reasonably strong alternative, that could've been kept at ~1-5% weaker to make a 2h of higher ilvl still an upgrade, but not the optimum. Realistically, one of the two would be stronger, and while I love both, I'd prefer dw to remain the stronger. We need two weapons for it, which should be rewarded with better numbers. The numbers would probably be neglectable in pvp, and a higher msw ppm could actually make 2h pull ahead there, assuming low uptime (very likely). They did not kill 2h through designing everything around dw. They just chose to exclude 2h by planting restrictions (no LL with 2h, no SS with 2h in WoD...) and chose to stick to that, no matter how many players cling to that old design. ...Which is fine too, if they at least added swords for enh for more choices. Being left out of crafted weapons or drops everyone else is allowed to use except us leaves a bitter taste, and there's a hundred awesome looking swords as well, some of which look very shamanistic.
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    I'm sorry that Blizzard won't just gift wrap awesome in a cup and let you drink your fill.

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