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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewor View Post
    I run a flex group every week with friends and randoms. It's flex 4 for an heirloom run. I set the minimum bar at 550. I do this to compensate for adding people of which I have no knowledge of their capabilities. I mostly do this through OQueue.

    However, when I try to speed things up via trade I tend to get a lot of messages berating me for setting the minimum ilvl at 550. That I'm asking for "overgeared" and "HC ready" people. That I "want to be carried" (I'm 581 so that doesn't exactly apply). I make a brief statement about how it's my run and if they're unhappy with my requirements they can make their own. The complaints still come flooding in though.

    I personally do not care because even with setting it to 550 people still sign up and it's a very quick run for a shot at an heirloom, but what is the overall view of setting a flex heirloom run to an ilvl higher than the gear it drops?
    It's fine.

    When I am gearing up, for example, I am looking for groups around my ilvl. I don't want to get carried, but I don't want to carry either. I *prefer* groups that have ilvl requirement that is as high as possible to groups that don't have it. It just makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewor View Post
    I totally understand the concept that the higher ilvl you set your group the narrower your selection of people becomes. In my experience anything over 560 is slightly overkill when it comes to heirloom runs and you're just harming the process of obtaining people by making it take longer to find them. People start getting impatient and leaving and it just exacerbates things.
    Actually I wouldn't want to join a 530+ or 540+ group for flex 4/garrosh only, I would rather wait until I see one with 550+, 560+ or even higher requirement. My point being that having lower ilvl requirement also narrows down your selection of people

    On wednesdays you could even require 580+ and fill the group really fast because they would know it will take really little time.

    As is probably clear from my post my answer to the OP's question is no, it is not right to complain about high requirements.
    Speed is a perfectly valid reason to set higher ilvl requirement.
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    I usually avoid any groups with less than 560 as requirement, I don't see a problem with it.

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    You run, your rules. It's very simple and the people who complains, can just make their own runs - oh wait, nobody wants to join a run with 530 geared random people from trade.....

    I rarely join a Flex group that isn't organized by someone from my own guild. I cbf with the mad whispers from mad people with shit gear, claiming they have "skill" enough to outdps some of our main raiders in 588 gear rofl. We always bring a few mains to compensate for the shitty alts we bring but although we carry our own alts, we don't want to carry random bads or crap geared people. It may sound rude but if you want to be carried, you can join a guild and ask for a boost.

    What I don't get, is why these people getting upset about the requirements others set, don't just make their own run. Now my guess is, that they don't know how to organize it, they don't know how to "lead" it and therefore they need to join someone else's run. But if that's the case, they have no right to complain imo.

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    It ruins the spirit of the game, but what do I care. I stopped caring about raid content, the PVE community is garbage these days, outside of guilds that is.
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    If the only point is to get heirlooms, than you are choosing the most efficient and easiest way to acquire something that will help next expansion.

    If is is a normal flex run, high gear requirements are alienating and pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrgannus View Post
    If the only point is to get heirlooms, than you are choosing the most efficient and easiest way to acquire something that will help next expansion.

    If is is a normal flex run, high gear requirements are alienating and pointless.
    Have you ever lead a true trade chat pug? Because it's far from pointless the performance difference between 540->560 is about 30-40%. In addition higher ilvl correlates with more experience playing the character and more raid experience, 560 runs are significantly smoother than 540 runs.

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    Honestly, if people don't like it, what's to stop them from making their own group?

    I prefer the higher ilvl groups because I know it's usually a one shot with people who know the mechanics. I'd rather not sit and wipe on Garrosh for hours because people either have no survivability or have no clue about mechanics.

    Now, when people ask for super high ilvls for every other wing of flex, that's where I question...

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    Theres no point in complaining about it, it will happen regardless.

    As a comedy aside I normally just put people in openraid on ignore when they spam shit like "LFM Garrosh 575+". I killed him on heroic with that item level so I think people asking for it on normal are bads who need gear to cover up their mediocrity. Anywhoo, we were short a tank this week for a 14/14HC guild run so I put up an event. Lo and behold, a dude I ignored signed up on a boomie kinda proving my point :P

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    Any toon that has logged in regularly for a while, without ever setting foot in a normal mode raid, has an ilevel of 550-560. So, I don't see any problem requiring that in a group that is working on content that is actually pretty tricky for a PuG.

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    If people thought this was a joke, they'd probably have lynched me for my 12 week ToTT 565+ Ilvl requirements on Openraid. Legendary items and mountfarm. With an hour clear. Raidleader dictates what happens. There's a market for certain things, with my tot group it was people who had to reroll for their raids or who wanted mounts. For these heirloom runs, it is the need for a heirloom without having to boost people.

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    I feel like if they're 550+ and they've got AotC: Garrosh, even if you're asking for 560+, it doesn't really make sense to decline someone.
    They've done the fight before, they know what to do. On the other hand though, it's totally acceptable to decline a 550+ if you're asking for a speed run. If you don't say you're looking for a speed run, you should probably put that somewhere on your advertisement. Because then you'll have less -560 iLvl people asking to join. Sure you won't stop all but I know if I was a 550 I'd say hey, that dude actually wants 560+ for a speed run, not cause he's weirdo thinking Garrosh is freakin C'thun prenerf!

    Although this is just my personal opinion. Don't hurt me. :3
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    Thing is..For Garrosh the fight just gets soooo much easier and way quicker if you can push phase 4 before the 2nd intermission. Too be able to push the intermission you need too be pretty overgeared.

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    For an heirloom run, no. It's supposed to be a quick and easy run for people who have a firm grasp of the encounter and have moved onto higher difficulties, but still want to kill flex Garry for a chance to get an heirloom.

    For a normal flex run, it completely depends on the requirement as well as the wing. I saw someone asking for 550+ for Flex 1 once, which I think is a bit ridiculous, but in the end its his/her raid and he/she can set the requirements accordingly. There are plenty of other groups with lower requirements for those who aren't as well-geared.

    For the record, when queueing up for a flex group, I will check the "qualified" box, sort them in order of ilvl requirement and queue for the ones with the higher requirements first, just because I want to be in a run that is as smooth and painless as possible. Once in awhile I'll join a 550+ group that fails and wipes over and over on a boss, but for the most part joining the higher groups lead to quicker and easier runs.

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    haha, people are asking for 565+ for normal usually on my realm, occasionally 570+, for smooth runs of course.
    550-560 reqs for flex is still common though.

    I have to admit I've seen a LOT of 560+ with Legendary cloak, even warlocks/hunters unable to pull more then 150-170k dps avarage (even when not on Engineer duty). No wonder people are afraid of bringing lower ilvl people.

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    Do you have the right to complain about it? Yes.

    It it worth it? Doubt it.
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    Personally I do 560+ or curve on that particular character. No way I'm trusting randoms to not die to iron star/annihilate (woops lag lol sry guise) or to focus MCs. I want proof of them having done it on that character or enough gear that it doesn't matter one bit. You can get 560+ with Ordos/Celestials/cape/crafted shit and some LFR/earlier flex items quite easily now, so people bitching at even lower (550/555) runs are just lazy and entitled.

    My runs fill up around 10-15min which is good enough for me and apparently so for the people I bring. If you want to go Flex 4, make your own group or join one with no requirements (aka wiping on Siegecrafter trash until raid breaks up).
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    550ilvl = full pvp gear......Not exactly hard to get xd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazeari View Post
    That is not true, gear plays apart when the player is skilled. Seeing the amount of morons/slackers above 550. I rather take one with skill then gear, provided it is atleast 530.
    But in a PUG you'll not know if the player is good or bad. And what's worse than a bad player with good gear? A bad player with bad gear.

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    id say its totally up to the raidleader, and ofc most want high gear for smoother runs

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