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    Your honesty is refreshing. If it's really making you feel guilty then perhaps it is for the best that you report yourself. Otherwise you may simply end up feeling increasingly guilty and it'll impact upon your enjoyment of the game as a result.

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    Your deed was concealed. That you, without any gain, should choose to reveal it, seems to be nothing but a ridiculous choice. Nonetheless, should you have learned a good amount off of doing this, you can make a forum post to people and explain. Some time ago, I read a post about a person who admitted to purchasing gold, and why he would advise others to avoid doing the same thing. It was well-appreciated by the Blizzard moderators. In your situation, merely telling Blizzard is stupid. If your evil habits are concealed, and you choose to divert from them, then keep them concealed, unless you can shed some wisdom to others.

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    But no, I've been proud of my honesty up until now and I feel like I've ruined it. If anyone can learn anything from this, then learn that the feeling of earning something yourself is something you can NEVER buy.
    This is the only thing that you can do, try to prevent others from making your same mistake. There is nothing you gain by confessing or punishing yourself.

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    i'm more intrigued cause i've never seen boost being sold for gold let alone real money..... wonder how much it would cost
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