View Poll Results: What is the most OP class in 5.4.8?

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  • Death Knight

    4 1.09%
  • Druid

    22 5.98%
  • Hunter

    43 11.68%
  • Mage

    30 8.15%
  • Monk

    37 10.05%
  • Paladin

    3 0.82%
  • Priest

    7 1.90%
  • Rogue

    14 3.80%
  • Shaman

    21 5.71%
  • Warlock

    125 33.97%
  • Warrior4

    62 16.85%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teddybearavenger View Post
    lol at people saying warriors. They got mega neutered for WoD. mages will be broken op as usual.
    Warriors are still brokenly OP in WoD don't worry. Try actually playing the beta before posting.

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    Melee: Warrior
    Ranged: Warlock
    Healer: Shaman

    I don't know of a single class that is overpowered, but the Shaman-Warlock duo seems to be quite formidable when put in a three's team, as they have amazing synergy and seem to work with any sort of team composition, whether it be another melee DPS, ranged DPS, or healer.

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    Frost Mage. Always Frost Mage.

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    I don't think there's one single overpowered spec, there's just a lot of really annoying ones. Like hunters. Argue all you want they're not op in 3v3 but those random whacky 300k chimera + aimed shot combos scream 'skill' -- as much as warlocks with ten million fears or warriors with ten million stuns.

    I'd say top 3 is warlock, shaman and druid. Purely because of the annoyance factor.

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