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    Random acts of kindness in wow

    We hear all the negatives, so let's try some positives. For me, I was leveling an alt on Horde side (I'm 90% alliance) and was in Orgrimar by the bank. A player came up, opened a trade window and gave me an ebonsteel belt buckle. Never said anything, just traded it to me and flew off. At the time, they were selling for a few hundred gold.


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    Recently, a peep wanted some extremely rare BS items crafted. They were going to be gifts for their wife.

    I told them not to worry about the materials and helped them with my own. Didn't charge them either but they were nice enough to tip. Usually if a peep is getting their dream xmog item, I try to help them out. Either with covering materials or something.
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    Also, not long ago there was a mage on my server who would port all over the place and set up portals for free. Just like socializing I think. He had a cute macro set up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sett View Post
    Recently, a peep wanted some extremely rare BS items crafted. They were going to be gifts for their wife.

    I told them not to worry about the materials and helped them with my own. Didn't charge them either but they were nice enough to tip.
    Awesome. Was it molten core stuff?

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    Enchanted thorium chest and legs.

    The MC stuff... I do offer an alt that can smelt the Dark Iron for them. Usually they have the bars when they're requesting the MC FR gear.
    Xmogging favorites in order from left to right.

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    I used to make engineering toys and pets and send them to people. Thrashin Crashin Robots and Mechanical Squirrels. Back when there were Warlock Pet Quests, I'd always help leveling Warlocks with them.

    I've had people see that I was new on a server and give me gold. Someone liked my name and gave me their guild they were looking to get rid of.

    I've been jumped/world PVP and saved by comrades at the perfect moment.

    Someone threw that pet biscuit at my Monk pet and made him huge.

    There were a lot of people that were kind to me at various times. I remember someone in my first guild got on vent and patiently explained to me how to install add-ons.

    I've had people teach me how to play the game, pretty much. Helpful pointers from time to time.

    I try to do the same if I can.

    Sometimes I just randomly send someone a copper. XD

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    I've been known to randomly give gold away, from 1g to 10k, also if I'm not doing anything I fly around and offer people free runs of dungeons, but lately I've given away heaps of pets.

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    I used to give the basic flying away to people in TBC - Was easy to make gold then when I was being 'rented' as a Tank or Healer for raids.

    Currently in MoP, I offer the Sky Golem in 30 or less days, if people bring me the base mats needed (Ghost Iron, Trillium or Living Steel) and then I craft it of no fee or tips needed. Else I offer when I feel restless at night, to fly around with a leveller (only levellers) and find the relics around pandaria. Or inviting people for Warbringer kills (Giving that I get the one mount I miss).

    I don't like giving people gold, rather wish to assist or see the gold used right away on what it was supposed to be used on.
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    I don't have the gold to give it away, but I am terrible with prices, so I sell my tailoring stuff for free or really cheap; the moment I chat to someone about prices, I feel too friendly to demand much, it's only cloth.
    And if someone in trade wants to run an old raid, and won't be taking plate transmog, even if I'm busy; /flex

    And people always love, in LFR, to feed my Summit Kid (Adorable goat), named Oat, a pet biscuit, makes him almost as big as me
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    I was doing archeology in Uldam. After haveing gotten done with a dig-site in south Uldam I checked my map. To my good fortune another digsite showed up in Uldam. I switched to flight form and decided to take the senic route to the next dig-site. I headed north along the river to see if i could skin any dead crockilisks. Then I headed west along the cliffside. I was following a route I used when looking for the Mysterous Camel Figurine. Eventually it came time to head north to get to the next dig-site. As I turned north I saw a moonkin fighting a mob in the ruins. Being a moonkin myself I decided to help. I swooped in and started throwing all the heals I could on this lower level moonkin. Eventaully he finished off all the targets that where attacking him. He thanked me and I waved. I headed north agian and then my addon started screaming. The Camel Figurine was close by. After a few seconds I found it. I was transported to the hotsprings and I defeated Dormus. I got my new mount and a rare (at the time) title. If I had not made the detour to help that moonkin I would not have flown close enough to detect the figurine. Had I been stuck on the ground I would not have made the detour at all. Had I used flight points I would not have been anywhere near the ruins or the figurine or the moonkin. Between being able to fly, and helping out a stranger I was able to get that mount and title.

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    I ported someone to undercity

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    I dressed up in full winter veil gear and gave near most of my thousands of gold away (mind you back in BC). I'd go outside Orgrimmar AH and type something in yell and ask someone to copy what I said back in yell for said amount of gold.

    Can anybody top this? I was role playing and everything.
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    I've givin rides to low level players across azeroth for free. I've helped people in low level dungeons for free. Helped others with quests (that was a while you dont really need help with quests)
    I've helped players that were being jumped by a horde player or two (many times sacrificing myself though not intentionally...they just kept running and never turned to fight, lol). Ported people back and forth for free. etc...
    Oh back in wrath my old guild did a contest and I won a TON of money and a mount. One of my fellow guildys was very poor so I gave him 10k worth of winnings just so he'd have some gold.

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    Back in vanilla there was a dude who just randomly offered to help me with warrior axe quest and that was during the time when gathering all the mats could literally take 5-6 hours of plain grinding
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    I was very well treated when i was a new player in wow and have been disappointed in the last few years to see the crap attitude when someone asks a question in trade.
    I make it my mission when i see someone ask for help to wisp them, to go into detail if needed, party with them and take them where they need to go all the while giving landmarks so they can return.

    I also respond to ppl needing a 2 seater will tip kind of requests. i fly them for free and always encourage them to pay forward the kindness in some way when they can. Because that is what i am doing. Paying forward the many kindnesses i was shown. Its why i grew to love this game. The people. I want others to grow to love this game too.

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    I was going to go solo Sunwell for patterns/schematics and I asked in /trade if anyone wanted to tag along (because it's much more fun than doing it alone). A bunch of tells fly in, ridiculing me for not being able to solo Sunwell and the like until a lowly 72 hunter whispers all giddy about taking down Kil'jaedan in hopes of getting his first legendary. So he and I head out and we start progressing through the instance. We get to Kil'jaedan and I proceed to nuke his face. I tell the hunter to loot because suspense and lo' and behold! - Thor'idal drops. He was the happiest hunter I've ever seen.

    Ever since LFR came out, I go in with my main every Christmas day and help carry groups through. That never gets old.

    I solo'd Zandalari Warbringers for months and any time I'd get a tag of a mount I all ready had, I always made sure to invite whoever was near in case it ended up dropping. I've gotten people their mounts 4 or 5 times now.

    Free portals or crafting a tailored item for people and declining tips. Little things like that make the WoW world a better place haha. I just tell them to do something nice for someone else in return and continue the chain!
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    Judging by the opening post people took a "What random nice things have you experienced while playing wow"-thread and turned it into a "Look what I do for people, arn't I the best?"-Thread.

    For myself, I was leveling on outland as a horde (outland is perhaps around 80-90% ally sided) and had huge troubles beeing camped all the time when I suddenly saw someone writing in general from another realm:
    "Going afk for a few hours, if there is anyone stuck on an ally realm, whisper me for an invite and quest on this realm instead!"

    Really made my day!

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    Always do the lowbie RFC run when I am in org, Fly by healing or taunts off low health questers and what not. Always down to help kill an elite for a quest, just to pass the time. Also invite to rares I can solo.
    Once early on when I was playing, back when snake trap was bugged and you could blow up tarren mill's lowbies without them flagging... It got so annoying a whole raid team worth of people just descended down and camp killed 3 hunters back to south shore and held it for 2 hours, they were so angry at that shit.. lol
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    On my first character back in Vanilla, the first time I ventured into UC, I was stopped by a random player. He asked if I was new to the game and gave me 10g.
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    One of my best was back in Classic. I was in Arathi Highlands, on my 35 or so warrior, minding my own business and questing. Got camped repeatedly by 3 level 60 Hordies. I was starting to get pissed, but that warrior was my only character, so it wasn't like there was shit I could do about it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, some level 60 Night Elf rogue just appeared and annihilated all of them (he was apparently very geared). He stayed on them until they left. Told me afterwards to add him to my friends list and let him know if Horde ever fucked with me again. Even ran around with me for a bit and helped me do some of the elite quests I needed in that zone. Apparently, he was just doing AB matches or something and was bored between those.

    I've always been pretty big on helping out lowbies if they get ganked since then. I met a lot of my best friends in WoW because of situations where we've helped each other kill gankers.

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    My pre-paid time was running out last november and I felt like taking a break from the game. I had a Sky Golem and three Royal Bags in my inventory I had intended to sell on AH, but seeing as I was about to take a break I instead sent them to my cousin and wished him merry christmas a month early.

    Couple of weeks ago some random player approached me in Orgrimmar and traded me a stack of strength food without saying anything, then he flew away.

    Back in Classic days I cooperated with a human warrior to complete a neutral questline in Tanaris. World PVP was still strong those days, so this was a peculiar moment. Quest mobs weren't pushovers either, so the added help made a difference. We only used emotes for communication, but it was all we needed.
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